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This US alternative rock band was formed in Orange County, California, USA by A.Jay Popoff, his brother Jeremy, Allen Shellenberger, and Kevin Baldes. The members all attended the same high school in Anaheim, and first started playing music together in 1990 as the heavy metal-oriented Razzle. Building up a strong local following they changed the name briefly to Stain before adopting a new moniker and a retro dress code that reflected their own personal preferences. The quartet made their first recording debut in 1996 with the FIVE SMOKIN' TRACKS FROM ... LIT EP, released on the independent Malicious Vinyl label. Their excellent debut album dynmically fused alternative rock and power pop styles to great effect, and was successful through enough on the all important college charts to earn the band a contract with RCA Records. The more radio-friendly A PLACE IN THE SUN was propelled into the US charts on the back of the radio hit, "MY OWN WORST ENEMY". The album also included "Down", a paean to the Popoff brothers' Cadillacs.


Formed by four high school friends in 1990, Lit blends '90s alt-rock with '60s Las Vegas attitude. Comprising brothers A.Jay Popoff (vocals) and Jeremy Popoff (guitars), Kevin Baldes (bass) and Allen Shellenberger (drums), the band became popular on the Orange County music scene that helped launch the careers of bands like No Doubt and KoRn. They released the EP FIVE SMOKIN' TRACKS FROM ... LIT in 1996 and followed it with their debut album, TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, on Malicious Vinyl in 1997. By late 1998, Lit had signed to RCA Records. They released their sophmore effort, A PLACE IN THE SUN, in early 1999.

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