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biographies - CHRIS

Chris Scacco - Bass, Vocals

Chris is a 16 year old punk-rock kid who lives in Parsippany, New Jersey. He was born September 3rd, 1986. Chris was interested in music at an early age. He even performed Michael Jackson's "beat it" at a talent show in 3rd grade(He should have won). In 1999 blink-182 released their 3rd studio album Enema of the state. Chris got the cd as a gift for Easter and never took it out of his cd player. From that day on Chris was in love with punk rock music. He discovered many other punk bands because of blink. Chris' Dad
bought him a bass for his 8th graduation and that's when it all started. He played for hours and hours. His best friend Ryan Fleming was also into the same kind of music, so Ryan borrowed his dad's guitar and the two started jamming. Chris's other best friend John started playing drums around the same time, needless to say Ryan and Chris, hooked up with John and it started.