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Simple Pong(temporary editor garbage)

Hello. This is the temporary page I made for Simple Pong on the worst free service I could find. So for now I'm using their editor until I feel like coding an actual pretty web page! Maybe. Simple Pong was made in C++ with Simple DirectMedia Layer. If you're a developer, and you're looking for an easy API for input, sound, and graphics, check out SDL ( This project was an on and off thing; I worked a bit on it here and there. I think it's quite nice, other than the fact that the frame rate is alittle slower than I would hope. In the future, maybe I can fix that.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.


  • Use up and down arrows for Player One (left).
  • Hit the ball back and forth.

    Upcoming Features:

  • Better collision detection.
  • Better collision response.

    Download Simple Pong