More Photographs

Here is a collage of boys.

ummm, maybe I'll put their names up with what one they are, but for now here is a list of who is up there. Brad, Jesse, Scott, Jason, Eric, Brendan, Navin, Arshad and last but CERTAINLY not least, Ginger.

A collage of Girls!

Again, I should probably list people names in an order so you know who they are but whatever, here they are. There is Kristy, Sara, Kiesha, Me, Julie, Melios, Bonnie, Trudy, Anna (roomate), Katie Mac, Wendy, Laura, Cindy, Angie, and of course... Ginger!

I'm so cute!

This is me when I'm about 2 and a half I'm guessing. Julie my suitemate exclaimed when seeing it, "It's your face on a baby's body!" Yes, its true I have a baby face, but when we all get older I will still look young. All of you who laugh will look OLD OLD I SAY!