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Days til I turn 21


My Name is Jason Mundy, and I love to do absolutly nothing but be lazy and listen to music and party..lol.I love to listen to music and have fun. I'm a Punk , and my favorite bands are Millencolin, and Sugarcult,and I also like Nofx, and Pennywise William Edward Mundy I will Love you forever and never forget the things that we have done 7/9/02 3:02pm

This is your mom in bed with a pussy, she likes her pussy extra wet

Well I'm just trying to fill space on my webpage now lol not really I like Just want people to step into the world of Jason this webpage is now going through changes from what it used to be, because belive it or not I change sometimes and my old web page wasn't working for me, and now i would like a little more content and a little less vulgarity. Don't get me wrong it's ok sometimes but content is the filler and not the big schock, and awe, you need a chocolate layer...to get the audiance in but a peanut butter center to fill them with everything they would want or need. There will be a variety of sections to please every side of a person, because belive it or not I think everyone at one leve or another has the primal humer...that we all enjoy in them and also the hungar for knowlege and entertainment.

Expect changes more often than once a year!!!!!

Fuck The US Army and Goverment!!!!!! My aol name is jem8402

My email is jasonm8000@hotmail.com

My Phone number is 419-673-0628

Here are some rules to get your through the day