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Titles Degrade The Poetry

I don't believe in love anymore
Where's the beauty, the romance, the isolation of hope?
Someone tell me where it lies, why it lies to me
I thought I believed in happily ever after
But that too was my fantasy

I don't believe in salvation like I used to
There's something unbelievable in a god who kills children with no mercy
If He's so benevolent, why's He so violent?
Salvation is found not in a diety but in our self-souls
And I believe that understanding lies in mistrust

I used to think that beauty lay in the eye of the beholder
But experience robbed me of rose-colored glasses
The eye of the beholder is critical and lazy;
Unfeeling of the achingly beautiful agony we all go through
Blinded with the silicone and plasticene

I don't believe in love no more;
I don't wish on stars and I don't delude myself with idealism
My burden, my punishment; the knowledge that everything comes to an end
Look at the blood we all have on our hands--
How much of it is your own?