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This Poem Has No Title

It was always about you
You and your dreams your plans
Plans that always fall through anyways
So when did you come here
When did we stop caring
We're living this lie and dying for perfection
It's raining cold razors against the skin of the child
You drink in the rain and pray to your gods for a big break
Saying, "This next one's gonna be big, just you wait and see
This one's gonna put us on easy
Street. Just you wait."
Well I've been waiting and watching our little world
Fall apart over reheated leftovers that we
Pretend to enjoy--our lives
I wish we could smile again laugh again
Make love in the roses like we used to
You used to cry when we kissed
Saying "Iloveyou Iloveyou Iloveyou" and weep like the baby did
Now you nod to me as you leave the house
"Baby" you say "Gimmie some time
I'm only one man and Lady Luck is fickle"
Lady Luck banished our dreams--they now lie
Scattered and dusty like the photos on the mantle of your pride
Baby I'm only one girl
Baby I can't stay here with you
Baby pretending just wasn't my scene