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The words just ooze out of my fingertips
Tapping always tapping
Into this none-existing entity that
I've become dependent on my drug my next shot
My junkie heart yearns and twists in withdrawls
I need you I crave you

Drug me make me numb to this
Feel me shake and need you here
Good God you're the best thing I've ever done

My veins they spill over with wild
Elusive fantasies I've created starring us
Your essence has me wired from
Deformed wrinkly toes to freckled nose and everything beyond and beneath
I think I'm crying in Ecstasy
Or was that just me laughing uncontrollably
Ha ha ha ha everyone's got the meaning except me
I don't care cuz the rainbows in your hair keep me distracted

I'm so high I can't come down
And you feel so good that I can't
Quit rehab is for people with a problem

I don't have one I just don't have enough supply to keep me insanely happy
Give me just one more fix I swear I'll stop after
I get you in my blood again in my
Body in my soul tumbling
Around inside my skull with the other unhealthy
Fixations and obsessions I cling to for my life raft