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Tears Falling

If only I could erase the words
And erase the memories
Forget that I ever messed this (us) up
Forget I ever dared to dream

If every word I said could make you love me
Baby I'd talk until the end of time...
If somehow my tears would melt your heart
Darling I'd cry until the rivers ran dry

Somehow I knew this would happen
It was in your eyes from Day 1
Tears fall freely on the soil of this earth
I'm dead, buried, alive under my own gravestone

I swore to myself
I'm stronger...better...than this...
Words are truly the weakest of all human creations
I used to love the feeling of flying
Now it's a terror that keeps me awake at night
The monster wears your cologne, doesn't hear me speak

If every word I said could bring you back
God, I'd babble until my voice gave out
And if there was some way I could write my feelings openly and not lie to myself
I'd fill up forests with useless words and hallucinations

So baby we said we believed in love
Well I guess we all change, don't we
I used to think...know...that I was ready
I guess we all miss the big chance every once in a while.