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Spin Cycle

I lay down again in your arms
See the look in your eyes and I know
We're going round the loop again
Escape is hopeless when we're both like this
I never said no but I never said yes
So what's this crazy game we're playing
We still can't win but we still pretend
It's alrite as long as it's nameless
And what we never talk about doesn't happen
"As long as we keep it safe we're fine"
Or "This doesn't count if we keep it short"
I might as well be playing Russian Roulette or skydiving
Anything else has to be less dangerous
We flirt with Fate and God
Tempt the fickle Lady Luck
Keep your flirtations to yourself
Life's for the living so outta my way
There's a million other lips to kiss
A billion other hands to hold
Though I'm comfy here, I'm restless
I need to spread my arms and scream
And not be holding your hands