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Song 1

It's the week before
You shut the door
Walk away and give up
This is the hour before the minute
The second before I lose it
And the time has finally come to wrap us up
I see you in the shadows
Your ghost in forgotten meadows
And I hear your voice upon the wind
I know you're just a little misunderstood
But if you'd have given me the chance I think I would
And you to me to you to me these empty promises we send
These useless words forgotten hearts
Like tired old actors in tired old parts
And the play just keeps repeating ever endless
My love, my dear
My one true fear
Before your eyes I am defenseless
Oh, in front of you I am myself
No faded flower on dusty shelf
I am vibrant I am living
I am sunshine I am singing
And I don't even know myself
You are silence you are golden
You are timeless you are chosen
And you're everything I could have ever wanted