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God cannot be found in hard wooden pews
Religion isn't something you can learn in 3 credits
And priests aren't God embodied
I find religion at sunset in snow-covered fields
During camping trips
At night under the stars is when I understand
It's when it all comes together in an orgasm of feeling and perfection
God is not in books or buildings
He's in the instant you open your eyes and see the stars as being touchable
He's there when a baby first draws breath,
When you breathe your last,
And all the seconds in between
Heaven isn't something you can prove
But you know it's there, like
A silent sentry, a promise
Whsipered in the half-moments of
Awakening and dreaming when the dawn is but a hallucination
You won't understand it all until
The moment and time itself ends for you
When the only thing you hear is white noise
And you feel yourself coming home