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The stars are beautiful...
It almost makes my heart hurt just thinking about heaven
It's that grey time in between night and day
And you just look up and want to see the moon fall
Life is funny sometimes, even if it makes you cry
All you can do is laugh at man's stupidity
But the moves and breathes and laughs
Some days the clouds just touch my cheek and whisper my name
Other days I just stare
Into the endless blue sky that stretches so far away that
My neck hurts from trying to see to the end
The sky screams in pain as it births lightning and anger
And I feel oh-so-small beneath this monster of rain
And I remember the touch of a hand under these same stars
I remember the feeling of love and happiness
But I think I remember the salty taste of tears stronger than anything else
And I remember wishing I was a star
So I could look at someone else crying instead.