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When they made you lie
Pouring out of your mouth like the tears down your cheeks
And flowing
Down and down into your oblivion
Where they're dying
We're all dying
Where they died for you
Did you even shed crocodile tears of crystal mercy
As you sit there, so removed from us
Pretending they forced that silver spoon down your throat
Who are you trying to fool with those deep eyes
And you're dying
Falling falling falling away
Screaming silently and drowning in the desert
Standing in a sea of people
Faces colors fabrics eyes hair smells voices
You're lost
Blank face pale color naked blind bald stench speechless
Dying in all the life you possess
You lied for them
Died for them
Lay down on white sheets under the influence for power
Poured out of your body
Dying falling drowning screaming living