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Stay The Night

I watch waiting for the
Moon to creep across the bed
Silver light in your hair your
Eyes shine stars in our private sky
Never thought I'd

Stay the night
Watch the sun come up with
You my head on your chest
Your hands in my hair

Why did I come here to this
Uncertain place where I lie
Exposed open to dreams
I'm naked
My thoughts my feelings laid
Out bare on the sheets of my naivety
Can't believe I

Stayed the night
Fought off my doubts to conquer my fears
Gave you my heart yet
You took so much more

The next time you see me
You won't even need me
You'll be so much better when I'm not around
You won't even remember my name

So I'll slip out of bed like the
Stars in the sky and you'll
Whisper my name in the dark
Yet never knowing your Angel is gone
Will you ever notice the coldness

I leave a rose by your bed
And a kiss on your forehead
Even though I stayed the night
Will you even remember my name
Will you cry out my name in the dark
I can't kiss you again
My love