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Are you somewhere now where
Pillow clouds and oxygen
Lift you in gentle embraces
Did you finally find
The place inside
The lasting peace eternity
Did you get there
Away from all the hurt & pain
The yearning need to break the chain
Are you walking with the angels now
In a place where we can never see you smile
I can feel you here
Need you near
I need to see the smile upon your face
Somewhere you'll be waiting
But now I'm standing all alone
The path ahead grows longer every day
And I can't find my way alone
Will you walk beside me and
Hold my hand as I cry
Wait for me until the day
That I can stand beside you once again
Remembering your laughter and
The energy you gave to life, the way
You faced it all head-on
This hole within my heart, it hurts
Time will patch the gap but still
The void remains
We miss you