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Blue eyes searching desperately for meaning in everything anything
A heart beating frantically fragilly futility
Inside this rib cage of flesh and mortar bone
Thoughts meaningless meaning the whole meaning to nobody
Flitting from mouth to mind and back again
This is me, that which is myself is

Contained inside my skin twisting turning restlessly
Sing the last song I'll ever sing to night
Cry the endless tears dry upon my cheeks before they
Ever get to touch the ground touch my lips
Smiles which don't reach my eyes; my face
Makes the expressions but I don't feel them
I am I, this perfectionless child

Trapped between what I feel and what I am
Pressed between the cruel walls of childhood and the adult world
I am nothing everything everywhere but not existing
Lost and found in a sea of paradoxical ways this is
Myself this is that which I am

Is laughing through my tears
Spinning round (round and round and round)
Smiles which light up my eyes
Emotions they spin above and beneath and through me
I am so happy in the midst of all this sorrow
This is Me
All of this is myself
Contained inside flesh and bone a living breathing contradiction