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I Love/Hate You
So what happens now?
What's left for you here
Is there soething you forgot to say?
Somehow, when I wished on that fallen star--
I had hoped to see you again
Had expected a version of the man I used to love
Instead I get this--
A demon with your plagarised face
It can't be you--dear god,
Don't let this be ther person I'm supposed to worship
Hating you should be the easy way out
There should be peace for my war
You shouldn't have that effect on me anymore
Didn't I mean what I said?
Were the words "Get out of my life" even spoken--
Or were they also imagined . . .
Something like your ever-changing eyes
Clear-sky blue one moment,
Nautilis-storm grey the next
You were most dangerous when it rains in your mind
Do I really have to say it again?
(Maybe not to you, to myself . . .)
Get out of my life . . .
Stay out of my dreams . . .
Get, and stay, out of my heart.