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To think it took my all this time
And to think I never saw the light
So wrapped up in my moral dillemas
That my heart grew blind
My ears became deaf
And my eyes looked the other way
But now everything is thrust forward
All the ugly truths brought out of shadow
The glaring reality has me riveted to this spot
Helpless to move, I am forced to listen
Meanwhile screaming "No!
I don't want it to end this way!"
Three great years gone in one hurtful call
And now I'm empty
My very heart ripped from my body
Yet you don't seem to care or miss me
People never gave you ultimatums--
You forced yourself into them
Outside I'm smiling
Inside I'm crying
Going through the motions of life
Yet still numbed in heartache and sorrow
Misery loves company--
And I'm sorry I wasn't there
Actions speak louder than words--
But I guess mine weren't loud enough