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For Joshua

Imagine, if you will
Two people just drifting through life
Blissfully unaware of each other's existance
Fate works in mysterious ways
And sometimes pure chance
Strikes like lightning into innocent hearts
In reality, we never could have met
You and I would remins
Orbiting in our separate universes
Was it fate or was it chance
Which brought these two renegade stars together?
I know so little about you--
The sound of your voice, the little mannerisms
Words typed on a screen can only tell so much
And yet I await every brief exchange
It is the intoxicating rush of something inexplicable
This is as comforting and as intimate
As the sound of rain in the night
I hear the rain in the trees
Whispering a promise and a scrambled message
I imagine your voice in the rain
And I wait patiently
To understand the message