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Heaven's Failure

The space that came between us is the

Bond that lies beneath us as the ageless face

Deceives us in our Eden where we're even in our graves

But the angel on the corner said we're all black in Heaven

She's a-preachin' 'bout the gospel in the name of Leavus Deist

She says, "Life is (too much, too soon) in fading starlight as we abed in earth

"Sleep the sleep of battles the sleep of drowning the sleep of murder;

"Sleep in this awakening dream the sleep you long to die."

An angel with a demons face is the kindness you entreat me with

This hole that burns within us is the

Star that draws us

Into Eden's flowering Hell beside us stands

The angel, tatter-winged in her faithless glory

A smile on her face and a faded promise in her hand

Offered before her faltering steps upturned blank face

This is the be-all the end-all the deflowering of the Virgin the rolling wave of pathos

She's the hey-now-now the drizzling rain the daisy field

We're the end the gunshot the silent epoligue the closing of the book