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Find Me There

In the morning mists and rose-petal dew
When she cries and cries and falls to the ground
As you lose yourself in the everything of nothing
You'll find me there

If you need my hand when the darkness gathers around you
When the blood pours and pools and everything fades away
If angel wings falter
Look for me there

Darkness has a grip that can't be broken
Love rises and falls with the tides
Don't waste your hate on yourself
You'll find that the people you hate look like you
Find me there

If you came here looking for peace
People are easily disappointed by high expectations
What was it you were looking to find?
Maybe finding me there wasn't what you expected

If I could make you see how I see this wasted world
Make you feel the feelings I feel inside my hollow heart
Think my vacant thoughts in this cold cruel life
Maybe if I could do all these things you'd come and
Find me there