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Empty Apartment

I smelled you on my shirt today
How did we destroy each other so quickly?
I remember laughing in the dark and pancakes
This apartment seems colder when the sun shines in summer
Why'd you leave? I'm sure I
Apologized again and again and again
I meant it, this time I really did
How's it going to be, you asked
When I pick up and leave
You didn't mean it, you couldn't have meant it
I could have sworn I saw a twinkle in your eye
I thought I heard you singing in the shower this morning
Coffee was brewing down the hall and you
Laughing and smiling as sunlight streamed in
Were we just a dream? Did you ever love me?
I really thought I did all I could...
What was it that I missed? Laundry was never my strong point, you knew that
I think I thought I saw you smile at me yesterday
Was that you on the sidewalk? Is that you on TV?
I'm so lost without you, last week I somehow ended up
At the park where we you still have the dog?
His sheddings are still on the pillowcase and my slippers are ruined
He was like you, always so cute
Even when I was mad, I could never scold either of you
God, I miss you. I pace late at night
Hearing your footsteps down the hall
I'll never cry over a shadow...