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I need you now
In this darkened hour where I stand alone
Can you come past your fear
Will you overcome their looks
Am I not worth ten thousand of them
Or did your heart abandon me like everyone else

It's not like I don't want to help you
But you have to understand the
Barricades before me and between us
You need to wait for me, love
Wait for me to find my strength
I'm not man enough for you

The night is upon me and it
Grips me me in a suffocating hold
Oh God I'm dying dying dying
Wherefore art thou man-child
Fickle-hearted and flower-livered
Does my blood even touch you at all

God, take me, too
Anything but this murder before me
Take me instead so she can live
The world is too cold for her and I
My love my life my angel has fallen
I've fallen from her grace