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The Other Box

I'm not a swan dancing in moonlight
Instead I'm the ugly ducklng trampling though mud
And I'm not the delicate red rosebud
But the hardy cantankerous dandelion
I refuse to be the Sleeping Beauty
I'd rather be the adventurous heroine
You can keep your Prom Homecoming Beauty Queen
I'll be the one dancing in a dress suit
Barbies are my worst nightmare
Give me the great outdoors any (warm) day
I prefer big, tough dogs to kittens
I wanted a snake instead of a pony
Skirts scare me and I like football
I'm a gamer at heart and I love snowboarding
But shopping's my favourite way to relax
I like purples and blues but hate pink
And I can congratulate someone without once touching their ass
I may sound like a guy, but I'm not
I've got long blonde hair and blue eyes framed by mascaraed lashes
Makeup is a neccesity for me
I've got a decidedly curvey sillohuette
Is it wrong for me to like "guy things"?
Does it make me less feminine?
I don't need either box--
So rethink where you've just classified me