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My Bad Day

Life's but a wandering soul
Lost on this planet without direction
At the mercies of men and beasts
I'm ravaged beyond myself
Bleeding in the middle of the hallway
Who will stop and raise me up?
I'm dying I'm falling into oblivion
But because you don't know me you don't know
Keep the smile shining through the empty heart
Nothing's wrong so stop fucking asking
Why does it always seem like there's something wrong
I'm fine now leave me alone
Dear God, everything's falling apart
Before my eyes it's crumbling away
The pieces don't fit anymore
I've changed shape
All because of one stupid choice I'll never make again
Eliminate the person who led to the choice
Solved problem is the solution
I'm falling apart as I need to stay together
Does anyone even notice my self-loss
Does anyone even care about my destruction
Am I really so invisible?