On Turning 16
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I turned 16 today
I passed out of 15 and accepted another number
Today, I'm told, I reach a new level
Of life, maturity, and responsibility
I look at myself in the bathroom mirror
I don't look any older
I dont feel different
But I look again--
There's a lift in my chin that suggests strength
And a light in my eyes that
Hints at shrewdness and intelligence
So today I turned 16
Today the world opens up to me
I have so many options it scares me
So many choices I'll have to make
I'm terrified. I really am.
What if I mess up? What if I can't do it?
Failure's never been an option--
What about now?
Will I make them proud?
Can I make it now? Or will I fall
Through the cracks like so many others?
I turned 16 today
Today my world opened up