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*My GOB Concert Experience*

**Just a quick note before I begin my story..for all of you who don't know Gob or have never seen one of their concerts, I highly reccomend it. My friend and I only hung out with them for maybe an hour and they make you feel like you've been best friends for life. They really are great guys (and are welcome at my house ANYTIME :o)**

Hmmm, where should I start. Well, I guess maybe you should know that the concert I went to was for SUM 41, and Gob was the opening band. friend and I were really pumped to see SUM 41. We had heard of Gob but never really heard any of their songs. So, we went to The Quest good and early to get a good spot in line, and a good spot we got indeed, 10th in line just about. So we waited outside for 2 hours and FINALLY the doors opened, we rushed in and got a good spot pretty close to the barriers right up front. We waited, and finally GOB CAME OUT! They played their songs and we LOVED them. (I especially like "For the Moment") Anyways, so after they were done performing they anounced that they would sign autographs back by where they were selling merchandise. So, we went back there. As we finally got to the front of the line Tom looked at me with a big smile and asked me what I would like. I bought their newest CD and asked him if he could have all the band members sign it. Sure enough, they all did! So after the line went down, we went up to them and asked them what kind of stuff they do after the to make a long story short, we agreed to meet there right after SUM 41 was done on stage. So...when they were done we went back by where we were supposed to meet them and THEY WERE THERE! So the club closed up and the security guards came up to my friend and me and asked us what we were doing...and like the sweet guy he is, Tom told him we were with him. So we hung out with them, talked, joked around, whatever. Well they did have to get going to Kansas City that night, but before they left, Tom came out to our car so we could snap a few pictures with him...what a great guy! Once we were out there, Sari and I found her car booted!! (For those of you that don't know, they put stops on our wheels so we couldn't go anywhere) They did this becuase we were a couple bucks short on our fee since we stayed and hung out with them afterwords, how stupid!!! We had to pay 160 bucks to get them off and her Dad had to come downtown at midnight to pay for it becuase we obviously didn't have enough money. It was all worth it though becuase we had a GREAT time. Till next time.....