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~~My SECOND Gob Concert!!!~~

Alright, it's about time I updated this thing! So I went to my seoncd Gob concert on the 29th of August. A long ass time ago, doesn't it seem like it though?! My best friend Sari and I, whom I went with the first time, got there extra early to make sure we were up front kicking ass. Well, doors opened at 5 so we got there at like 3. Way too early, but oh well. We had a good old time waiting, the opening band Kickback came and hung out with us outside for a little while. Well anyways, the other fans showed up around 4:59, so needless to say, we DID get to be in front. So, we waited and waited and finally the opening band Kickback started playing. They were alright I suppose. They came and hung out at Sari's place after the show so that was fun. Anyways, so Gob finally comes to play. It was a grand time, just like their last show! My favorite part is when Tom does his little dances, they're hillarious. I think Craig might have mooned us, too. It's very possible. SO....after the show they were signing autographs of course, so we went back and they remembered us. Duh, who wouldn't?! Jk, so we chatted it up a while and they came and took a picture with us (see above----where is Gabe?!?!). That was pretty awesome. Of course, my point is, go see a show. It's not a waste of money....Hell, buy a shirt too!!!