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The members of GOB:

Once upon a time...long long ago (well, 8 years) a boy named Theo and a boy named Tom started a band. It was called "Tommy's Biscuit". After they met Wolfman Pat and Jamie, GOB began in 1993 in Langely, BC. The whole she-bang didn't really get underway until 1994 when they released their first self titled album (a short one with only 9 tracks, might I add). One year later, in 1995, they released their second album titled "Too friends". This album ws very succesful and their videos began to appear on Canada's music channel. ( Go GOB!) They then released their 4 song vinyl titled "Green beans and Almonds". Shortly after, Wolfman Pat and Jamie left the band. To fill in for bass, the incredibule hunk Craig Wood joined the band...and to fill in for drums, Gabe the Babe joined as well. In 1998, another album titled "How far shallow takes you" was released. With their success on the rise, they signed with Nettwerk Management who then re-released "How far shallow takes you" They then went on to play in the Van's Warped Tour in 1998, 1999, and 2000, and Edgefest '99. Their 3rd album (and MY favorite) "The world according to GOB" was released on October 10th. They are now currently touring with SUM 41 in the U.S. Just a tid-bit Tom told me: SUM41 used to open for GOB in Canada when GOB was making it big there, and while SUM41 was becomming big, GOB opened for them!! How sweet. Gob is currently touring with Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan, and will POSSIBLY have their next tour with Good Charlotte.