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Take the "What kind of cone are you?" Test
created by sami

Ahh, you are "Velveta Shells and Cheese". You are expensive, no
denying this, but its the price you pay for quality. You
don't even require other food supplies. Water and a pan
is all you need to get by. That silver bag your cheese
comes in looks like something out of the 23rd century, but
it's cool! And those crevices in the shells hold the cheese
so well... You Rock!

Take the What Kind of Macaroni and Cheese Are You? Quiz
Created by LJ User RobProv222

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?.

You're sweet, but not naive - though you like to be babied like a child at times. You prefer to have a bad boy by your side, but sometimes have problems understanding why he has to run off to take care of business. You want to settle down, yet deep down inside, you are excited by the surprises life throws your way.

Take the What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? quiz.

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.

Which Greppie Are You?
Created by Kley!

Which Sailor Scout are you?

my blackdaisies character

You are Cynthia. You're the perennial wallflower, shy and well dressed. You are a romantic at heart, always on the look out for Prince Charming. Your past relationships have always been unsatisfactory because they never live up to what you want in a partner (they usually end up cheating on you). Yet you continue on regardless of your past broken hearts.

Take the Which Black Daisies Character Are you Quiz?

Find Out Which Senshi You Are At
Imma cute water pixie~!

Stalk bunnywunny_~!

Find your inner fast food! by Emily

what type of internet face are you?

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?
What Seven Deadly Sin Are YOU? [?]

You're GLUTTONY! Food is good. You love to stuff yourself, and you may become over weight, if you already aren't. You like to endulge. You're represented by the color orange.

Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

A GREEN Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Green Dragon on the inside. My Inner Dragon is the embodiment of Nature and the Earth. Greens spend almost all of their time below the canopy or just above the treetops in tropical rain forests. Not a bad life considering every other creature in the forest looks up to me, figuratively and literally. I speak the language of every animal and plant in my domain and know most of them by first name. If people mess with my forests, I'm more than happy to wail on their puny butts. Because of my protector/caretaker role, I am the Earth Elemental dragon.

Naturally my whole life pretty much revolves around the other couple million species I keep an eye on, but that's not my whole dragon. I also like to like to impose my steadfast will on others, commune with Nature, and lobby governments for alternative fuels and conservation. My favorable attributes are gemstones, mountains, caves, soil, respect, endurance, responsibility, prosperity, and purpose in life. Folks shouldn't get the idea I'm a hippy pushover though, because my breath weapon is a nasty Fire/Acid combination. Maybe I should invest in a hemp shirt reading "Don't knock my smock, or I'll clean your clock." *wink*

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

I Am
Celtic Goddess of Poetry.
I'm a freaky writer type that doesn't like to leave the house. I'm probably a lot smarter than you.
What Celtic Goddess are You?
Quiz by Aoibhell

What do people say behind your back? Find out @ digitalcharisma

discover what candy you are @
undefined undefined More... GeoCities Premium Services [Close] [Close] GeoCities Premium Services You are a Serum! Ouch! Use the code in the box below to post your shocking results to your journal/blog or wherever! Whoa! Who created this lunancy? DROP BY ~_^ SAY HI

You Are A Serum!!
Take the What Type Of Goth Potion Are You? Quiz!
This quiz was created by Kara

I'm a Water Spirit

Take The Goth Type Test

Also known widely as the Fire Bird, the phoenix is a profound symbol of the circle of life. It has a life cycle of 500 to 600 ears and after that amount of time, it sets itself on fire and dies in the flames. Then after three days, it rises again from the ashes. It is a completely benign creature who lives in dew. It is said that the phoenix has a beautiful melidous song which grows ever more mournful as its life comes to an end. It is a symbol of the sun and immortality. The phoenix is a very worthwhile beast.
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

You're "xif". Christ, you're fat. Call 1-800-02-Jenny. You need it. Pizza Hut is bankrupt because of you.
What internet slang are YOU? | by brit

because i thought this picture was pretty, laura of told me this: "you enjoy sitcoms, popcorn, horses, and perhaps surfboarding. you lost your virginity either very early (under the age of eleven) or very late (over the age of thirty). you take politics and religion very seriously, and when you were a kid, you had a penchant for getting lost in shopping malls and/or amusement parks. your favorite color is most likely blue or green, and you are terrified of spiders." whatever will laura tell you??

take the antisocial test.
and go to because laura's feeling social.

what's your battle cry? | | merchandise!

take the "what's my fault" quiz.
(and then browse around because laura is cool.)

take the death quiz.
and go to laura = great.
i'm Cherry flavoured!

What Jelly Belly flavor are you? I'm -

Find your flavor here!

Which HP Kid Are You?
My Bjork Song is There's More To Life Than This!
There's More To Life than this, is your song! Looking for a good time? Absolutely. You've been on a scheduled life for a bit, and you HATE schedules. You are spontaneous and look for adventure. Have a good time, because otherwise it's just time.

This test was created by Zid! Visit my Livejournal zidanime or my Deadjournal nexttolastsong

Take the test HERE!

You are Taylor, the dreamer.
Take the 'Which Hanson are You?' Quiz (by Michelle :)

Red: 2/100 Blue: 16/100 White: 17/100 Yellow: 10/100

Take the Color Code Test
by Dano
Check out the test!

Which House Should YOU Be In? By:Anndrea

So... what's on TV tonight?
If you were a room in a house, what room would you be?

Which Kiss are You?
Which Kiss Are You?

Take the Which Spider-Man Character Are You? quiz by ZyberGoat

You are Metal Sonic!

Which Sonic Adventure 1/2 character are YOU?
by Ame Tenchi

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You? click to take it!

What Natural Disaster are you? Take the quiz!

click to take it!

find your element at <º>
Take the 'Which Archangel are you?' Quiz!
Which Archangel are you? by Xera

Strawberry: 50/100 Pear: 0/100 Banana: 30/100 Tomato: 45/100 Lemon: 0/100

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen and Aaron!

You’re Michelle Branch! You’re the ‘girl nextdoor’ type of gal. You’ve got a down-to-earth feel about you, and you’re not afraid to be original. You’re still trying to find yourplace in life, but that doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying the trip. Rich and famous? Sure! But you’re not gonna let that go to your head. ;D
What Kind of Pop Princess Are You? Quiz by Jonah

Which movie heroine are you?

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz, by Angel.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?
Foolish Games
Which Jewel song are you most like? Find out!

What is YOUR Highschool label?

Find your emotion!

I'm The Listener! click to take it!

You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

Take the What Type of Friend are You? quiz, and visit [Me.]

What Type of Villain are You? / <º>

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

Find out what kind of driver you are!

what adjective are you?
quiz by maikamariel
Which PPG are you?

Which Grunge Band Are You?
take the emo quiz.created by jessi

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d e w

You are a Witch!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

Take The Ewan McGregor Test!

Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva? Find out @ She's Crafty
What's Your Style? Find out @ She's Crafty
Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty
You are the outside kid who came from the wrong side of the tracks determined to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Life keeps throwing you a curve ball and you tend to whine about it alot. You have just been diagnosed with leukemia but that is no reason to run back into the arms of that jerk, Philip! Why can't you see that Brady is crazy about you! He doesn't look bad in a muscle shirt either. Wake up, girl!
~Which Days of Our Lives Diva are you? ~

Which Weezer Song are You?
Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz, by Angel. What sort of geek are YOU?

I am Wonton Soup!
Take the What Kind of Chinese Food Are You? test!

I'm exceptionally artistic! Find your soul type at

What Flavor Icecream Are You?


Now we're getting somewhere - your actions are
now past pre-teen level, and you're beginning to
display some more mature content in your life

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Test created by Jamie - take it here.

Your magical style is Druidic.
What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

I glow in the dark!
You soooo want to look as good as me.

Which bracelet are you?
Made by notsobeautiful
href="" target="_new">I'm so like Lisa!
I'm Lisa, who are you? by Lexi

my blackdaisies character

You are Ophelie. You're artsy, mysterious and sexy and no one knows much about you. You have no cares about anyone else, nor do you concern yourself about your intrigue. You are soft spoken, when you do speak, and intelligent. At clubs, you are well dressed and well seen, and everyone knows who you are, but you do not have to mingle or socialize. You do not have to be aware of your own mystique ... both genders are attracted to you regardless of what you do.

Take the Which Black Daisies Character Are you Quiz?

Twelve angels descended from Heaven, each
putting a piece of themselves into those
who would follow them....
Which Angel rests inside you?
Challenge their trial to find out.

Which Titanic Character Are You?

As the graphic says, you're sweet, hard-working, and loyal. You believe in justice and you're not afraid of sticking with something for a while. You're determined; once you set your mind to something you'll work as hard and long as you have to to achieve that goal.
Get Sorted!

Who's Your Celeb Match?
You are Electronica!

Living a life as active and colorful as the strobe lights of the dance floor, you are electronica. Your life is a party, or at least that's how you'd like it to be. Your main themes are energy, excitement, and playfulness. You figure: life is short. You only get one shot at it, so why waste it being miserable? You're mostly concerned with immediate pleasure and are very outgoing. Even when you're sad you seem to find a reason to smile. To many this trait is very pleasant, but to those inclined to bitterness it can seem obnoxious and annoying.
Take the what music genre are you quiz by PsychosisX!

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