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Welcome to Intersperse 2.0

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Come read my new online journal and keep up with the times up here in beautiful NC!

Blessed Be!

Welcome to Intersperse 2.0. I, as usual, am FameRainbow, your tour guide and escort for the evening. First off, this upgraded version of Intersperse is more of a place for everyone to freely express themselves. You will notice that this site violates almost all of Angelfire's rules...we don't really care. You should feel free to sign the guestbook with whatever you have to say, I have not disabled so-called "explicit" enteries.
As you've seen, the fonts are bigger, the backgrounds are more outrageous, and things look a little different. Well don't take it from the appearance, see for yourself what I have to say this time. Go find the buried treasure in the links below.

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