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Yeah, yeah, it's been a helluva long time before i've updated this crappy website, so i'll fill you people in. We had two incredible shows. One at the YMCA in la grange about 3 weeks ago. We played ok, our friends moshed and so did this crazy punk rocker kid who was totally enjoying our set and was doing all that crazy crap that kids do at hardcore shows. Anyway that was cool, thanks to Mike from frontside for hooking us up with that show. ALl the bands rocked, it was an evening of madness. The next night we took ryan maguire's basement by storm (not exactly). see this show had a lot of jam bands with us and then metacom playing in between and when we played lets just say there was lots of moshing and lots of confused and scared people leaving! Metacom also rocked the house down, I think ryan's parents said no more moshing, but what the hell, it was a good time, thanks to all our friends who came out, and anyone else who saw us for the first time. So yeah, we love shows so email me at if you want us to play, we will play anything. No new shows for cointelpro, but we are planning some madness possibly a show at my house, with the lgp hardcore scene (us, metacom, substrata (good band))! ok, so other than that, i got a double bass drum pedal so expect some super hardcore drum beats for our new stuff. we are working on some new stuff, extra hardcore and sweet. Other than that, well nothing, go home. fuck bush and his politicizing of this fukked up war, if it was me i'd say burn down the buildings and the powers that be...

Yes, yes, it is the new year, i hope everyone had a good holiday and all that other poop. cointelpro, aka the band whose website you are now on, have been dilligently working on new material for our shows that our coming up this month. Over break and the last week we finished two new songs. One is a crazy thrash song for you punks to start a pit for and another is a melodic hardcore song with some good thrash parts- hey we are breaking new grounds here. Anyway we want to get a new tshirt design out by the show at the ymca on the 24th (old tshirts are still available, contact anyone in cointelpro) but i don't know if that will be happening. Everyone- friends, supporters whatever has to come out to the show at the ymca skate park for two reasons: 1) we are nervous as all hell and playing the show will be easier when kids are moving around and 2) the other bands that are playing rock and hey the killing tree, aka the best chicago hardcore band, is playing one of there last shows for awhile- so go! The next day should be the much postponed show at ryan maguire's with metacom, apt, and distance. All you kids come to that one to thrash it up also. Details on time will posted immediately as we get the info. Allright enough for now, check the shows section, get apt's new cd, and tell eugene that angry hobbits need to be shipped to australia with the rest of them.

Merry friggin xmas poop mongers. The new Pariah came out just in time for break and of course we got loads of controversy once again from unworthy souls. we got in trouble for a column title and also the school is very much against us distributing it. They seem to be forgetting that it's our constitutional rights. yes, america rocks in that aspect. last night i went to see woody's last show with tomsawyer. it was quite the emotional set and we rocked out madstyle. good news too. we are playing a show with frontside and he who corrupts on the 24th of january so all you fatty boom batty cointelpro fans betzata show up or else we will steal your momma put her in a box until she dies where we will then hang her on our christmas trees. happy holidays from cointelpro.
YIPEE! We got us some band t shirts last night. If anyone wants a cointelpro t shirt, they are 5 bucks and 7 bucks for the work shirts. They are mighty nifty and don't worry we are not capitalizing off of them. Contact one of us if you want a shirt. Okey dokey poopoo heads. We've got a couple shows coming up also, with the intent to rock your socks off. The first is over winter break and is in Ryan Maguire's basement, and it should be tons o' fun. The exact date isn't announced yet but it will be posted as soon as I get that shit. Next show is with Metacom, Shadows and Substance, and Frontside in a church basement in la grange (a wltl show was there last year). The date is either the 24th or 25th of december. Cool, come if you want, it will be fun, there will be clowns. ~Daniel

Hey, all. The show at MO's house was insanely awesome. We raised about 250 bills for critical mass tickets and lots of kids came- thanks to everybody who did. Our set in my opinion was good- as soon as we started playing there was a pit. That was pretty awesome. Unfortunately Eugene could not play due to some circumstances incvolving a dildo, some weed, and an elephant. oh well, there is always the next show. Speaking of next show we will play anything including a barmitzva (spelling?) so email me if you know of anything. ALl the other bands rocked out and congrats to animal and shadows and substance for playing an awesome first show. All you Pariah fans rejoice in HIS name, for there will be a new issue pronto. THe meeting is this wedns. at 6:30 at Tommy's house. yeah, homies, that's about it. Keep resisting. ~shea

Ok, I know it's been a huber long time since I've updated this crappy web site, but a lot's happened with our poopy band. For one, Eugene Marino, this crazy punk mofo, joined our cortage. He plays quitar and should be adding an awesome little noise to our sound. We have been trying to improve our stuff by putting some complexity into our old shiznit and we have also been working on something new. It doesn't sound like anything we normally do but it's still fast and loud. We also moved our equipment to Eugene's basement which is rather nifty. All right, now for the big news. We will be playing a show with Metacommies, Reverb Explosion, Apt, Animal, and Shadows and Substance on the 15th of Nov. Check out the shows link for more info. Please come out and support us. I'll be putting a lyrics link up too, so yeah check that out too, you weenie poppers.

Hello everboody. Today I started this shit excuse for a web page. ah, who cares, as long as the information is there we don't need any of that fancy flashy stuff. We're not metacom you know. Anyways, I guess this is where I'll post news and shit. If you don't know this page is for cointelpro the band. Click the history section to get the inside scoop. We are a three piece wanna be punk band with a political/social agenda. anywho, we've been practicing hoober hard this summer and plan on having a concert the weekend after labor day weekend. Metacom, nix, and *tomsawyer will probably play, and it will be unleashed in my basement, to my parents dismay. alright that's about it for now. i'll update frequentmundo.