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All the things you really need to know in life...

The List

(1) When you run water for a bath, and decide to watch some tv while it's filling up, don't FORGET ABOUT THE WATER!
(2) When you put a live lobster on your bed make sure you don't step on him later. In loving memory of pinchy the lobster.
(3) When saving on the water bill....keep this in mind: "If it's brown-flush it down, if it's yellow-leave it mellow".
(4) When walking through minus 30 weather always remember to wipe your nose before you enter a public building.....just in case you might have unsuspecting snot dribbling down.
(5) Wearing snow-MACHINE jackets IN school is just as skid as wearing them outside.
(6) When in a situation where there is no toilet paper, using your hands is NOT a last resort!
(7) When skipping class make sure you don't go to a place where your parents visit frequently.....if you do then well your dumb.
(8)When working with a ratface nerd *cough* COREY *cough* try not to look him in the eyes, or listen to anything he says.