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August/6/2002 Hey there...haha I'm only saying hi to myself and Nicole probably. I'm such a nerd. I think the only reason I actually post on here, is to remind myself that I want to brush up on the whole website thing, and to remind myself that I HAVE a website...or "website". Har har har. That's not chuckling, this is chuckling, "chuckle, chuckle, chuckle"...good job Brittany. Anywhore, developments in my life are as follows:
(1) I'm going back to Kenora for good in a week exactly...IM SO EXCITED..OH WAIT! I'M NOT!
(2)I'm working my ass off the last week I'm here...because I need $$$$
(3)Me and Nicole are going on our "vacation" to winnipeg and Kenora, woo!!
(4)I'm getting a computer, and I don't have to pay for it, that's right! haha
and I think that's about it. I'm mad at people right now....and I can't figure out why I'm mad, I JUST AM! Haha :P So I did take a computer class...haha after agreeing with Sarah that I would never take another one again...but she took it too for next year, so it's all good. I won't have to sit with nerds all class...I'll have sarah...I'll have sarah, haha. If I repeat it, it makes it better. Haha but that's all for now. The next time I post, will be with a better layout and heh it won't be for awhile. L8r kids!

July/3/2002 Hahahahaha this is just retarded....I honestly dont even know why I'm updating this shit...I dont even werk on at all. I just remembered a minute ago that I have a "wedsite" hahahaha...Oh well eh. Uh let's see tho...I moved out..I'm living with Nicole while she is away in inbred land for a week. Jamie moved back to Kenora, sorta. I'm realizing how burnt I am. I'm pissed off....I lost a $140 check...AND I get paid the day after $500 for like working one week...pretty deadly. But yeah this is really dumb. Since I have like fucking hard classes next year...I'm gonna have to limit the going I'm gonna be at home a lot maybe i'll work on this site then? I really doubt it tho. AND I think Nicole's hamster is trying to escape and kill me or something. OH and I'm THIS close to killing Nicole's fish...THATS ABOUT IT. Ok I'm out now, l8r!
June/2/2002 Yeah so this whole learning javascript, dHTML, blah blah blah shit, isn't really coming along that great...and I just saw a cat walk underneath my van outside the window...just thought I'd mention it...ANYWAYS. So about this computer shit, I was excited to learn all this new shit, once I start reading about it, I find out I already know all this shit. SO NOW..I have to "brush up" computer teacher would be super pissed if she heard me say that. She's an insane fucker....yeah...I moved the story that was at the top "about us". There's no real need for it at all...Jamie just likes it. Anyways, the point to this post, was to say that I'm not going to focus on this snazzy scripting shit, the only thing I'm worrying about is the layout, THEN I'll worry about the little details..or something like that. Ok I'm out, I have to make some phone calls. L8r

June/9/2002 Right haha I totally forgot about that whole dHTML shit until Nicole got all hardcore about her little quest to learn HTML, so I werked on it today a bit...and it was really boring, so I decided my plan for this site. I have a .com domain picked out, but I'm only got use it when this site is visually appealing... which it is not right now. SOOOO...since I'm moving to Nicole's in like 2 weeks I'm not going to worry about this whole working on my site thing until maybe July?? I don't know. All I know, is that I'm going to save for my own computer and I'll probably be able to get my own in the fall some time when I go back to Kenora. So I doubt this site will be worked on at all unless I get extremely bored one day...meh. I don't see me working on it in the summer because I'm planning to get a full time job somewhere...hopefully at the school board..HOPEFULLY anyways. But yeah that's about it....I'm going to go now, L8r!