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The reason for this wonderful piece of crap!

So ya just a side note, anything you read in the content of first person writing, ex. I live in a box, I use to do be not lazy.....ya well that means me (Chester) am the one being referred to as I . But ya ANYWAYS! Back to the point!

So I moved to Yellowknife....well not exactly move, but I'm living here for the semester to live with Jamie. I moved from Kenora, ON. Where Jamie and I originally lived....but she moved, in the beginning of the year, and I came up here for second semester. So I decided while I'm up here, that I might as well do something productive with my time....and for the fact that there is nothing to do's small....VERY small! Heh. Ya, and Jamie wanted in on the action so uhhh yes, she is "helping" me with it. I gave her the task of co-picking colours and making sure that my glass of diet coke is never empty....and she helps with ideas...apparently. Heh and she keeps me entertained when I become frustrated with this piece of crap computer. Yes....but that's about it....if you have questions...umm keep them to yourself..cause I really don't care. Thanx, l8r