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Why Nicole is a fuckface....

Right, so when I finished writing Jamie's page (Why Jamie is a fuckface...) Nicole said, "Hey do a Why Nicole is a fuckface page". I was like whoa, I can't do that, Nicole is like not evil at all, she's really nice, then oh no, I met the REAL NICOLE!

Haha, yes....
Let's see first thing about Nicole that makes me want to kill her is....(1) she hits me way to much. I honestly think Nicole is going to grow to fit the profile of a husband beater. She doesn't know how bad the problem is, probably cause she's in denial right now, tisk tisk!

(2) She MAKES me skip my important English class! Yes, she MAKES me!.....sorta. Ok, well I actually decide, but it's her fault. If it wasn't for her and her not going to class abilities, I could have a good mark in English! Friggen Lacey! Errrrr

(3) Whenever we go down stairs together, she has this tendency to push me down them! It's like I'll be walking and down the stairs, talking to her, and then it'll go silent so I'll look at her, and then I see this crazy like...."I'm gonna kill you" look in her eyes.....and then I just know. Sometimes I try to duck or run away some how, but usually she finds a way to push me down.....good job Nicole.

Ya alright so ALL OF THIS IS TRUE....accept for number (3), I made that up. Cause when I was writing up this page, I was trying to think of all the bad and horrible things that are wrong with her....and ya, it was pretty hard, cause Nicole is pretty cool. For one thing she's not chinsy, second she doesn't make dumbass remarks MOST OF THE TIME (unlike someone I know), and third I don't know, I just thought it was sound better with three points...?? YA, so anyways, that's it!