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Why Kylei is a Fuckface...

Well even though I've only known Kylei since like the beginning of 2001, she is like one of my super close friends. And then she moved to Guelph, ya that's one reason she's a fuckface, you fuckhead. Haha but ya really she's a fuckface cause...

(1) She like cries way to much. Like omg, somethings that aren't even cryable, she jus cried like a friggen baby.

(1) She brags way tooooo much. Like it's werse then Chantelle's bragging, cause sometimes when Kylei talks about the shit she has she makes herself sound like she's top shit. And I'm not saying she's not but seriously, it gets fucken annoying man. I mean I'm not poor but I don't go talken about the shit I have all the least I don't think I do. But whatever ya.

(2) Ummm she left at the beginning of the semester, and besides seeing her December for like 3 days I haven't see her since. So like ya whenever I talk to her it's only on msn, and ya no. And she NEEEEEEEVER calls me so it's like wtf? Heh but ya.

Besides all that shiiiit. Kylei's deadly. Your coolio kiddo. :)