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Why Jamie is a Fuckface...

Well I've known Jamie my entire life, or like a lot of it anyways. Ya, so there's stuff I like about her, like for example, no one will ever get my humour, and no one will ever get her humour like I do, because, well, were retards. Ummm she's cool cause we born on the same day. But ya enuff of why I like her, and more of why I HATE HER!!
Haha I'm jus kidden, I don't hate her......yes. Ummm let's see the first annoying thing about Jamie is her pethetic little attempts to belittle me...."NO, YOUR gay!"....."YOUR skid"...."YOUR retarded". Of course I know their not true :D ha ha ha. Yes....umm let's see. OH, I hate how she always has to be on the computer. Seeing as I have 2 uses for the computer (1) I talk to my mom, and friends from Kenora, or write e-mails to them AND (2) To work on this site and update it. Now, sometimes, I will wait patiently for my "turn" on the computer....but then I realize I may be waiting HOURS! So I usually yell at her, or insult her, but usually I piss her off. It werks like a charm. Like this one time. I stared at her for an hour straight. Now if anyone knows me well enough...they know that I have one track mind and I can stare at things for many a hours. Haha. So she finally had her tantrum and left the room. I seriosly thought she was gonna cry, it would have made it SO much better. She might have though, she did go into her room to "listen to cd's" for A LONG TIME. Meh, I really don't care.
Another thing I hate about Jamie is that when were together with other people, she will, OUT OF NOWHERE, jus make some dumbass comment on how I am a skid, or gay, or a loser, or a retard....when ALL THE TIME, SHE IS THE SKID, GAY LOSER. Meh
Ummmm another thing, Jamie is very CO-DEPENDANT. She may say she's not, BUT OH NO, SHE IS!
Other than that, Jamie is a pretty cool person. :)