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*Orlando Bloom!*
4/1/04 - April Fools Day!! I haven't updated for so long!! I have been so bust with school and junk. But yeah I just updated some little stuff.

o0o Old Stuff o0o
But anyways, i have been updating my 'Link Me' section AGAIN and i think its working this time. I made a buncha new cool links and blinkies! SO GO THERE AND LINK ME NOW!! Lol, j/k Yay! I just HAD to make a page to show my obsession with Orlando Bloom!! So go to it, it is below this where the other links are. I am up and running again! I check and update every day now! Please visit the button section, I have made major improvements. I have also added more things on the menu! Please go there! And i will make you a button if you sign the guest book! I haven't been on for a while so please sign again if you didnt get one before! Want a blinkie? Go to the Blinkie/Button link! They look like the blinkie at the beginning of the paragraph. Sparkle 2001 was really helpful, so go there on the "thanks" link. If you wanna do a link exchange then leave your name and site in the g-book!! If you link me on your main page, then I will link you on my main page! Hope you like my page. If you have any ideas,tips, or concerns about my page, leave your name, site and comment in the g-book ** **
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