NO Better For Worse
Lyrics and Music by Rek, Solo thingy by Joe

All the phonys and fakes
all the lies and complaints
All the conformity
All the Misery
All the anger and hate
IT cant be too late
Whats it all for
There must be more

What the point    theres nothing you can do 
why bother      your dreams wont come true
so tell me why    were has the world gone
i try to do right   but every thing just comes out wrong

All the corrution and greed
Why fight just concede
what can you do 
when everyone hates you
All this suffering  and pain 
Its driving me insane
whats it all for 
there must be more

Rug Conditioner
Lyrics and Music by Dan, 2 lines
worth of lyrics by Joe, solo thingy
also by Joe

I don't like the things that I see
it often upsets me 
it gets me all fed up
when will this shit stop?

this is the time this is the minute
so ill take my life and ill go live it
But how can I when I'm feeling upset?
This is my life but I wish I was set

When will it be over?
When will it be over?
I know it will be some time
but, when will it be over?