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Saturday February 2nd

Overall, this show was a great success...  Great bands, and a pretty decent crowd.

First up for this show was "Good Sam Park", a University punk band from good ole Regina!  These guys are a band that have just recently started up and playing together.  They were pretty good considering it was one of their first shows if not their first!  Thanks to them, and we will be seeing them again soon probably!

Next up was "Stimulus", a punk-metal group, also from Regina.  They were and still are a fairly new band, but it didn't show when they were on stage.  For the first time ever seeing them play, they did an amazing job.  Thanks guys for such a great show, we'll see you again soon!

"NCP" was the next band up, and they put on a heck of a show.  We had seen them once before playing, and back then the were good, but at the show on Feb. 2nd, they were amazing!  Overall, they were a definite winner amongst everyone who was at the show!  Thanks!

Now for the headliners...  "Panic", a punk band out of Regina.  They put on a very good show, even tho some of the audience didn't think so.  This night was a definite surprise when "Panic" came out and told us that they would no longer be called "Panic", but their name would be "TO THE POINT".  They also gave out their first ever CD's, which was great for everyone who got one!  They'll be back really soon!

Like to give a big thanks to everyone who came out to the show and remind you that we have a show at the Buffalo Lounge atleast once a month, on the FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH.  We also do shows throughout the month too!