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Friday March 1st Show

    Overall, the show wasn't too bad...  There was a very small turnout for this show which was disappointing, but the people who were there were great and

    First up were "The Disgruntled Postal Workers" and high School punk band out of Regina.  They put on a heck of a show and got the crowd up and really moving.  They played through their set and they just seemed to get better and better.  Many people were inmpressed with these guys, along with myself!   They will definetely be back in the future if possible!!!

Second up was "The Common Good".  This band had their troubles when they first started the show because they hadn't jammed together for over five months.  So they started out a bit rusty, but got better throughout their set.  The highlight of their performance would have definetely been when one of the guitarists through his guitar through the drummers floor tom at the end of the show.

And finally...  The headliners of this show, "Stimulus" a punk-metal band straight out of Regina.  As usual "Stimulus" put on a great show.  Lead by Don Balas their lead singer, they quickly brought people back in and jumping around with their tight vocals and amazing instrumentals.  Thanks again to you... Don, Mike, Ty and Marianne!!!
"You're never gonna live to see the day!!!"...   To see Stimulus play again???...   Yah we will, because they will be back in the near future for sure!!!

Thanks to all of you who showed up, hopefully we'll see you all out again!!!