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About us!

    The Buffalo Lounge was created as a ministry of the First Baptist Church and was created because we realized that youth need a safe place to "hang out". It is also an environemt where youth who are in bands can play and to enhance their skills.

    We do not provide an opportunity for youth to encourage negative lifestyles or to use foul language from the stage. The Buffalo Lounge is a smoke, drug, and foul language free environment.

    The Buffalo Lounge is ministry of the Youth Ministries of First Baptist and is run by Kris Olsen who is the Outreach Ministries Coordinator at First Baptist. There are several other people that help with the running of The Buffalo Lounge who include several promotors from the Regina music scene.

    If you would like to contact Kris Olsen regarding The Buffalo Lounge,he can be reached at

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