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comment allez-vous ce soir? je suis comme ca

For some reason or another, you have been unfairly coerced into visiting this poor excuse for a site.

I apologize. Leave now if you'd like. I won't be offended

Still, if you're going to stay, you might as well make use of what this page has to offer. In the links above, you'll find sufficient information about my life and what happens in it.

If you really have no idea who I am, you can read the "information" page and learn all about the positive qualities i choose to highlight. If you already know who I am, and are still interested in struggling through my rants, skip straight to the "journal" portion of the site.

Hopefully, I'll add more to this as I find more to add. Suggestions are always welcome.


(by the way, comments are also always welcome. just use your e-mail client of choice to write me things)