RaInBoW bRiTe AnD tHe CoLoR tHiEvEs

HAHAHAHAHA I tricked all you losers who thought this was a porn site.. BAHAHAHA well now that your here you might as well stay and look around, or you can be pissed and click out, either way, fuck off!!!

vegas trip... from my summer vacation.. theres more, but I'm really lazy, and.. I have no patience to scan them all... but I can tell you... their really great pictures.. real 'ass spliting' good pics.. hahaha if i ever grow out of my laziness, I'll scan them.. hahahaha.... yeah umm... heres some pictures at our abilene trip we went to for choir a while ago... when your done looking thru this place sign my dreambook thing down at the bottom...
up above are some funny pictures of the 'escapees' heh.. uhmmm.. wow.. I need more recent pictures of jezzzzka besides the scariness going on down at the bottom... hahahahahaha thats what you get you fuckin mangos!!!! ok well, my name is Lizz, but yall can call me billy joe, cuz I'm just fucked up in that way.. I am 6' tall, with screwed up blonde and pink hair.. blue eyes... gawd... well anyways, I live in the fuckin most exciting place on earth, san angelo, texas, it is soo fuckin fun, wow... I'm lying, can you tell? well.. uhmm a shout out to my friends, they know who they be, brooke, jezzzka, and stephanie.. soo... uhmm... if you click on something in here, make sure it opens a new window so you can finish checkin my site out... or dont, I dont care... haha

... wow, i was rollin for an hour when I saw this...

I listen to basically just punk, some metal.. thats about it, some of my favorite bands are propagandhi, the swingin utters, pennywise, floggin mollys, ramones, green day, sum 41, nofx, mxpx, and weezer, rancid, sugercult, nirvana, anti flag, guttermouth, sex pistols, bracket, simple plan, black flag, the eyeliners, the casualties, bad religion... ummm... the swindlers... yeah, almost forgot about them..! Anyways..I go to Lake View..its a really stupid school and really boring, and its really retarded... I like to hang out with my friends and have tail gate parties in the parking lots of loser places!! lifes a bitch and then you die... hahaha

*rapee* heh
anyways..I think its about time for a party at my house and it wouldnt be the same without you... as I recall! Ok that was dumb but I just cant help it.. your mom... has what I need! hahahaha I'm just playin.. :) lol.. So..enough of me... how are all you morons in my computer doing?? let me know in my dreambook thing.. yeah I know its fucking stupid and everything, but it keeps me on track.. ummm... brooke, jessica, me, and stephanie, are making a band.. so far we have a name we think we like.. called The Diversity... YES! lol we are the only diversity at lake view, so it makes sense, shut the fuck up you flamingos, i know what your thinking, you dirty manwhores... uhmmm.. this is me and jessica being seriously scary... Sorry Bobby I know I promised you a good raping but when brooke's mom is around its just not gonna happen! Even though I have strong feelings about her mom, doesnt mean that I will forget about my favorite cucumber... hahaha JUST PLAYING! a little porno joke in there... lol !! So...is this enough talking for you? C'mom you know you like reading this..!! Im here talking to you.. So I think Ive wasted enough of my valuable time speaking with you!!! Im gonna go crawl into the darkness of my bed and cry!!!!!!

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haha I'm so cool yes I know ... lol you cant leave out any of that whole... uhh.. I guess feminist thing?? hahaha GIRL POWER!!!! *fuck you*(bru hahahaha) BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! ok yeah, that was strange, but lets just act like that was cool..
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