This was an awsome day, as you can tell from the pictures... uh yeh... enjoy!

this is me and brooke... brooke is the one on bottom... heh fun times!

this is me, brooke and crystal.. being fags.. haha

uhmm... this is.. stephanie, me, brooke, and crystal.. ROCK ON!

this is big mouth bass... uhh I mean stephanie.. hah

this is me being scary..

this is brooke pretending she has gum rolling around in her dead face.. heh

uhh yeh... thats me with my raging hormones.. haha

ok... i must have been on some strong crack, cuz I thought this guy was hott...

this picture is blurred, but you can still get the idea

heh this is brooke skipping around like a pansie.. heh

this is stephanie sleeping, and me pointing at her face

and uhh this is brooke sleeping

and this is stephanie and brooke raping each other

ok well thats all for now, I will have more pictures up of the swindlers and of some other bands later.. so... yeh.. go back to my first page!