10/04/03 Heacham Social Club (Ians Getting Better)


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Pic of the Week

"licky, licky, hes got over his spanky days (joyce)"


Next Gig

10/04/03          Heacham Village Hall 

Skate Money Raiser 

-Big GreenGiants,        -Wrecked`em,            -and another great band i forgot the name of.



10th May 2003 - 19.01.03

A gig yay! Ians hands getting better and well be ready for the skate park gig which will be massive (with wrecked`em headlining) so get ready. All money will go towards heachams new skate park so buy them. From jake.


Because we cant practice weve been writing a few songs for the next big gig. So far they sound pretty good but need some work doing.  Hope you all like the new pictures that are up and the new version of  x-ray vision. The drums were done on the key board and chris had a mouth full of biscuits. Ill say sorry as soon as i can to ellie. so SORRY,again. (look on the picture board)

The New Year - 05.01.03      

A new year and hopefully we'll get signed by selling out and forgetting all the sad bastards that look on our site (not really). Well this year we will be heading to a studio (Purple Studios maybe) to record an ep and see what can happen with it. We will be gigging alot hopefully, as soon as ian gets better. Anyway we will keep you all informed when we start gigging again.



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Chris -Vocals

Richard - Guitar, Vocals

Ian - Bass 

Ryan - Guitar

Reece - Drums

Top Download

Dammit - Blink 182 Ian Style