find yourself (by first name )

Name> Ainslie Watanabe
Loc> Toronto, ON Canada
Mess.B> goodmestupshowoff
Fav Mest Songs> The Last Time, Fuct Up
Kid, 3's My Lucky #
5 Fave Bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, New
Found Glory, Garbage & No Doubt
Fav CD's> (this was VERY hard to narrow
down!!) Mest - Destination Unknown,
Garbage - Version 2.0 and Good Charlotte
- S/T
Website> CLICK HERE!!!
~*Ains*~ "

Name> Allison Krumwiede
Loc> Rancho Cucamongayour
mest song> Greyhound Bus
fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, Fenix TX,
Goldfinger and Sublime
fav cds> Good Charlotte:Self-titled, Fenix
website> www.geocities.com/goodcharlotte_14
"Mest rules and I would send you a pic of me
and tony or one with me and nick, but i
haven't gottenthem back yet to show.
(really i took a pic withthem.) So i guess this
pic will have to do. GC and Mest rule."

Name> Alyssa
Mess. Board Name: IMissYouTonight
B-Day> April 20
Location> Chicago, IL
fav mest song> Richard Marxism, Hotel Room,
fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, The Movielife,
Defining Moment, NFG, FenixTX, the ataris,
fav cds> Wasting Time, Misfits of Ska II, This
Time Next Year
"i wanna see mest on my birthday
and get high with them since its 4:20 haha ;)"

Name: Amanda
B-day> October 10th 1986
Location> Quesnel, BC, Canada
Fav Mest Song> Lonely Days and
Fav Bands> Mest, Sum41, Good Charlotte,
New Found Glory, MxPx
fav CDs> Mest-Wasting Time, Mest-
Destination Unknown, Sum41- Half Hour
Of Power
"I love mest!!!!

Name> Amanda
DoB> September 19, 1985
Loc> California
Fav. Mest Song> ALL OF THEM...but if i
really have to pick.. Yesterday, Fuck the
Greyhound Bus, Fuct up Kid, Cadillac
Fav. Bands> MEST, Good Charlotte, Sum41,
Antifreeze, and Inmemory (my friends band)
Fav. CDs> Mo' Money Mo' 40z, Wasting Time,
Destination Unknown
"I LOVE MEST!!! Sadly I have only seen them
once in concert, but they made it count! They
totally kicked ass...I drove two hours to see
them and they didn't let me down. They are
the nicest guys and I can't wait till they come
back in Feb!!"

Name> amanda "purple people eater"
Mess. Board> PurpleMestHead
DoB> april 28, 1983
Loc> long island, NY <--proud hometown
of themovielife, brand new, glassjaw, H20
fav mest song> 3zs my lucky number
<--mo money is my fav CD, opinions,
long days, long nights
fav bands> MEST, good charlotte, 311,
silverchair, thursday (and many more...)
fav cds> geez louis i cant name just three. i
am too damn passionate about music.
website> http://www.purplefrog311.cjb.net
"MEST is the best lol "ya gotta live your life
day to day. thats the only way. dont fear the
things that you dont know. just listen and
learn, and let the hard feelings go."-to all my
homies heres my lil story: On a hoobastank
Thursday in midtown, NY at 3:11PM, Tony
Lovato saves the day from the evil incubus on
blink's dude ranch and then relaxes in a
silverchair thinking,MEST is the best,while
listening to his brand new good charlotte CD"
Name- Amber
Mess B.> Ambie500
D.o.B> Oct 1982
Loc> chicago
Fav mest song> would have to be.... Slow
motion and Doty Rd.(old school cd)
fav bands- GOLDFINGER, Mest, H2O, New
Found Glory, & 311
Fav cds- Goldfinger- self titled, Mest- Mo
Money Mo Forties, Punk-a Rama 3
"Mest is the sh!t. You boys are beautiful!"

Name> Angela
Mess. B> JeresSexSlave
DoB> 1\18\81
Location> southern cali
your fav mest song> its over
your 5 fav bands: Mest, vandals. pulley,
g.c., guttermouth
your top 3 fav cds: mest wasting time;
destnation unknown; vandals hitler bad
vandals good
website> click here
"your site kicks ass! um so yah!
(i wanna have sex with jer!!!!!) MEST ROCKS!"

Name> Angie Bombard
DoB> august 1, 1985
Loc> new york
fav mest songs> fucked up kid and whats
the dilio
fav bands>Mest, 311, jimmy eat world,
goldfinger, sum 41, midtown,linkin park,
ataris,mxpx, nofx, rufio, pennywise,relient k,
blink 182, new found glory, reel big fish
and green day
fav cds>mest anything, blink 182 anything,
and NFG anything
website> click here
"i like ur site, its swell"

Name> Beki
Mess. B> Bexi
D.O.B>September 4th
Loc> Long Island
fav mest song> Drawing Board, Hotel room,
Girl for tonight
fav bands> AFI, mest, Reggie and the Full
Effect, Stryder, New found Glory
fav CDs> AFI: The art of Drowning /
NOFX: pump up the valuum / Reggie:
promotional copy
My site> click here

"mest has been my 2nd favorite band forever
and i love them so much....I saw em in
concert and I almost DIED..they are so
f#^&*ing hott!!! i love you all and thanx 4 the
site..its amazing...<3 beki <3"

Name> Beth(bizarre)
DoB> October 28th 1984
Loc> Albuquerque NM
fav mest song> Slow Motion, Lonely Days,
Drawing Board...so many others
fav bands>Green Day, Mest, My Empty
Day, Allister, the Living End
fav cds> Nimrod-Green Day, Wasting
Time-Mest, Say Goodnight-My Empty
website> http://devoted.to/fcgd/
"Mest kicks butt as much as
Green Day does."

loc>Ventura, CA
fav mest song>It's Over
fav bands>Good Charlotte, Saves The Day,
Sugarcult, Weezer, Ozma
fav cds>Good Charlotte-Good Charlotte;
Weezer-Pinkerton; 2002 KROQ-New Music,
Pete Yorn-Music for the morning after
"pretty hot site..."

Name> Brandon Bush
Mess Board: fourthenumber
DoB> March 5, 1983
Loc> W. Lafayette, IN
Mest Fav> Hotel Room; Long Days, Long
Band Fav> Fairview, Showoff, Student Rick,
Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional
CD Fav> Dashboard Cofessional – Swiss
Army Romance, The Ataris – Blue Skies…,
Mest – Wasting Time
“Rock ‘N’ Roll U.S.A.
*out, thanks,brandon r bush"

Loc> west haven,ct
Fav mest song> uhmmm.."the last time" and
umm "wasting my time"
Fav bands>good charlotte,mest,staind,new
found glory,and the deftones.
"your site is kickin' hehe"

Name~ Brittany (Brit)
Name on Board>ANFBabe0014
Date of Birth>2-10-84
Fav Mest song> Electric Baby, Slow Motion,
Drawing Board, Girl for Tonight, FUCK IT I
Fav Bands> Mest, UnderHanded, New Found
Glory, Blink 182, UnWritten Law
Fav CDs> Mest~ Wasting Time Mest~
Destination Unknown NFG~ It's all about
the girls Blink~ Ches Cat
"This site is the best Mest site
out there!! It totally kicks ass!! Of course
Mest is the best!! Much love for Tony, Matt,
Nick, and Jeremia... Can't wait to see you
boyz in CT!!! 27th isn't coming fast enough
LoL!!! And you're going to kick ass at 104!!!
KICK ASS JOB once again!!"


Name> Cameron O'Steen
Mess. Board> Cameron783
DoB> July 16, 1984
Loc> Jacksonville, Florida
fav mest song> Richard Marxism
fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte,
Inspection 12 (local band), Linkin Park,
A New Found Glory, and Limp Bizkit
fav cds> "Wasting Time"-Mest, "Destination
Unkown"-Mest, Good Charlotte Cd
"I recently just became a huge Mest fan after
I saw them in concert when they opened for
Good Charlotte in Jacksonville, so im a new
Name Candi
Mess.B> PnkRawkchk21
D.o.B> Sep 4 80
Loc> Southern Cali!!!
fav mest song> Richard Marxism,
Yesterday, Drawing Board

DoB>march 1st, 1988
Loc>sunnny cali
Fav Mest songs> i love them ALL!!
Fav Bands>mest, nfg, kittie, fenix tx,
gc, std, ataris, sugarcult,
Fav Cds> destanation unknown, GC,
my countlessburned CD's all of which
i 4get 2 label
"i love mest so much! we've made them so
well known in the fuckin suburbs of cali!
jeremahi signed my chest last month
at a concert!"

Name>Carli Misrasi
Mess Board>Carli Misrasi
DoB>March 1 1982
Loc>Garland, Utah
Fav song>I love all of their songs, but my
favorite is Without You
Fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, MXPX,
Lefty, Our Lady Peace
fav CD's> Destination Unknown, Good
Charlotte, Clumsy
"Mest is so awesome! They are so great
live and I want them to come back to the
wonderful state of Utah (not really a great
state) and visit me again. Great website!
Luv it! Tony, Matt, Nick, and Jeremiah
please come back!!!!!!!!!

Mess. B> GcMeStFaN
DoB> October 27, 1986
fav mest song>Misunderstood
fav bands>GoodCharlotte, AFI, Mest,
SavesTheDay, and NOFX
fav cds>GoodCharlotte-GoodCharlotte,
AFi-The Art Of Drowning, and
Mest-Destination Unknown
"Mest Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

DoB>Nov 21
Location>Columbus OH
Fav Mest Songs>Misunderstood and
Its over
Fav Bands>Mest, 311, zebrahead,
goldfinger, me times ten
Fav CD's>Mest-destination unknown,
311-from chaos, goldfinger-stomping

Fav mest song>WHAT'S THE DILLIO
fav bands>MEST,H20,MXPX
Name>Chenoa Raymond
MessB> babydoll666999
06 babydoll411
b-day> 4/11/1983
Loc> Massachusetts
Fav mest song> Too many too name
fav bands> Green day Mest THe Movelife,
Gold Finger AfI
top 3 Cds> Insomniac / Destination
Unknown/ Kerplunk
"Mest Fuckin rules I love all the guys
and I love you Jonh Lopez"

Name> Christa kurtz
D.o.B> Feb 3, 1986
Mess. B> PixiePlayland13 (Same as IM)
Loc> Allentown PA
Fav mest songs> drawing board, slow
motion,hotel room, yesturday,
Misunderstood, chelsea
5 fav bands >Mest, Good Charlotte, Afi,
NFG, Blink 182
3 fav cds> Mest~Wasting time, Good
charlotte ST, Afi Black Sails in the
"*Mest kix so much ass! Punk guys damn!!!
WE aint got none around Allentown!*"

Name> Christian Preußer
Mess. B> Chrissi
DoB> 30.03.1985
Loc>Frankfurt/ Germany
fav mest song> Drawing Board
fav bands> Zebrahead, Mest, Lagwagon,
FooFighters, In a few days
fav cds> All of the FooFighters,
Playmate of the year (Zebrahead), Reich &
sexy (die Toten Hosen)
website>) www.Supermaenner.net

Name-Dan Cwiekowski
Mess. B> theatarisdan182
D.o.B> April 30
Loc> Wilmington,MA
fav mest song>Wasting My Time, Living Dead,
Chelsea, Richard Marxism, Dody Road
fav bands>Mest, The Ataris, Alkaline Trio,
Weezer, Blink 182
fav cds> Mest-Wasting Time, Mest-Destination
UnknownThe Ataris-Blue Skies, Broken Hearts,
Next 12 Exits
website> http://www.buckarublvd.com

Danielle Charlton
Mess B>xxxMestGirl16xxx
Loc>Columbus, Ohio
Fav Mest song>Drawing board
fav bands>1. Good Charlotte 2. Sum 41 3. The
movielife 4. Mest 5. Linkin Park
fav CDs>1. Good charlotte- st 2. Mest -
wasting time 3. Linkin park - Hybrid theory
"this site is awesome, and i hope i actually
meet mest soon!"

DoB>Oct 26th 1984
Loc> Toronto, Ontario
Fav Mest Song> Yesterday
Fav Bands> Student Rick, MxPx, Rufio,
Saves The Day, The Starting
fav cds: Rufio - Perhaps I Suppose..., Student
Rick  Soundtrack For A Generation,Jimmy
Eat World - Clarity
website> Dave's MxPx Page!
Mest is great, how can you not love them.
Your sites awesome
too, its one of the best fan sites I've seen."

mess. b> verdure
DoB>December 8, 1988
loc>san diego, Cali
fav MeST songs>wasting my time, yesterday,
hotel room
fav bands>MeST, gold finger, blink182,
green day, sum 41,
gc, mxpx
fav cd's>MeST wasting time, destination
unknown, good charlotte
MeST is the best band in the world!! And
this is an awesome site, I like coming to it!!"
Mess. B> FuctUpKid01
B-day> August 23, 1983
Loc> Chicago
fav bands> Rancid, The Distillers, GC,
Mest, The Movielife
fav cds> I don't think I can narrow it down


Name> Drema Ariel
Mess. name> Drema
DoB> October 6, 1983
Location> Arizona
Fav Mest Song> Lonely Days
Fav Bands> Mest, Showoff, The Starting
Line, Sum41, Midtown
fav CD's> Wasting Time (Mest) Half Hour
of Power (Sum41) Showoff
Website> http://hometown.aol.com/dremaariel/
"I like your webpage a lot, in my opinion
I think it should be the official one."

name> Dzovak
DoB> july 16,1986
loc>: calipornia
fav mest song> long days long nights, richard
marxism, misunderstood
fav bands> mest, gc, greenday, catch22, nfg
fav cds> ummm gc self titled.. mests
"destination unknown"(godd@mmit wasting
times pretty good too) catch 22s "alone in the
"ummm awesome site and watch out for the
monkeys trying to take over the world"

Name>Eddie Redding
Loc>Bethlehem, PA
Fav mest song>Long Days, Long nights
Fav bands>Mest, Brodie, Saves the day,
offspring,blink 182
Fav CD's>mest - wasting time
all of Brodie's demos the glasshead split good

"Mest is f*cking awesome! i'm seeing em
when they come back to PA, i hope they're at
Warped tour, sucks i missed em, they were
just here
with GC... "

Name> Emily
B-day> 3/17
Location>medway mass
fav mest song> yesterday, movin on, umm
all of them
fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte and a wjole
bunch more
fav cds> the three mest mo' money mo' 40's,
wasting time, destination unknown, oh and
good charotte
website> my journal, about me, my shoutouts
"mest kicks ass i love them so much! I am
going to see them at the axis in boston on
tuesday 2/26/02 i can't wait!"

name> emily
board name> MestChick
bday> septerber 27
loc> chicago
fav mest song> "Richard Marxism"
"Compulsive Prep" "Rebel with a reason"
"fuct up kid" "yesterday"
fav bands> mest, good charlotte, new found
glory, rancid, afi
fav cds> mo money[mest], good charlotte[gc],
...and out come the wolves[rancid]
site> www.geocities.com/luckypunkrockgirl27

Name> Emily L.
DoB > August 31
Loc> Bay Area, CA
Fav Mest song> Hotel Room, Drawing Board,
Fuct up kid
Fav bands> Mest, Blink 182, Good Charlotte,
Newfound glory, Green Day
Fav cd's> Blink 182- Dude Ranch, Mest-
Destination Unknown, Newfound Glory
"Hey every1- i dont have much 2 say except
mest rocks lol and ya my best friend marissa
is on this site 2 woohoo! k my aol screen name
is hurleygrl74 so i/m me or email me sometime
if u want. so ya, talk 2 u later- I LOVE MATT!"

Name> Emily
Mess. Board>NoUseForAName383
DoB> June !st 1986
Loc> Shortsville New York
fav mest song> Hotel Room
fav bands> *Mest*(of course), AntiFlag,
Bouncing Souls, Good
Charloote, H2O
fav cds> *Mest-Wasting My Time*, AntiFlag-
A New Kind Of Army, Bouncin Souls-How
I spent My Summer Vacation
"I have an AOL sn so if anyone wants to
IM me they are... NoUseForAName383
and ThatsYouth83"

Name> Emily Quinn
Mess. b>lilplayer8240
D.o.B> March 22
Loc> Trafford Pa
Fav Mest song> Hotel Room
fav bands> Mest, Blink182, Showoff,
Zebrahead, New Found Glory
fav cd's: Mest "Destination Unknown"
Mest "Wasting Time" and Showoff
"Mest is one of the best bands ever!
and Tony and Matt are so freakin HOTT!!!!
i love u guyz!"

D.o.B>may 30 1986
Loc>portland oregon (poop town)
Fav Mest song>anything jeremiah sings
fav bands> MEST, mxpx, incubus,
fav cds>greenday dookie, MEST WASTING
TIME, incubus science
"my comment is this; the lovato cousins
are the hottest boys around

Name> Fatty MaGee
Mess. B> on Mest's site
B-day> girl my b-days everyday cuz i
am always gettin presents
Loc> hmmm, destination unknown...but
where ever i am at, so is the party!
fav mest song> hotel room, girl for
tonight, fuk the greyhound bus, and the one
i did ur mom 2 last night
fav bands> GoodWill, Mest, Reel Big
Fish, Saves the day, H20, ...sugarcult....lol,
fav cds> bitch, i am still on
i use cds as coasters, lemme bust out the
record player, girl chill!
website> www.mywebsiteisbetterthanurs.com
"wut up to all the ladiez out there, gimmie
some girl...wut up to Hue Morris..u a pimp,
Mest is the shit, I'll see u guyz later...like
Hue Morris (R.I.P) would say, "I'm gone
like a fart in the wind"...TIMZ MOMZ HOTT"

Name> Felecia
D.O.B> 06-19-86
Loc> Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fav Mest Song(s)> hmm... Drawing Board,
Reason, Mothers Prayer... That was hard
to pick just s few
Fav Bands> MEST, Good Charlotte,
Incubus, Linkin Park, Social Distorton
Fav Cd's: Mest - Wasting Time, Incubus -
Make yourself, Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
"umm... Mest is the best band in the world!!"

Name> Gretchen Sill
DoB> March 13, 1985
Loc> Moorpark,CA
Fav. Mest song>Hotel Room
(i love the way Jeremiah dances! )
Fav. Bands> Mest, Good Charlotte,
Hoobastank, Blink 182, Rancid
fav CD's> Mest, New Found Glory,
Good Charlotte
"MEST is great. I can't wait to go to their
concert in Febuary! P.S.Jeremiah is just
like me!!!"

Name- Hue Morris
B-day> the 69th day of the 69th
month on the 69th year
Location> ur momz bedroom
fav mest song> compulsive prep,
its over, slow motion, hotel room,
girl for tonight
fav bands> Mest, NFG,GreenDay,
Sublime, 311
fav cds> Mest-drawing Board, the cd
of ur mom moaning, and Mest-
Mo' money Mo' 40z

"Mest if fuckin awesome, go hump a deer
and drink a beer, wut up to the pretty girls
out there, u know who u are...hook me up
with some lovin, shit!! Later...as Jerry
Cooper (R.I.P) would say,
" I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball"
Name> Isabelle Taylor
DoB> October 4th
Loc> Newport News, VA
fav mest song: drawing board
fav Bands> Social D, Descendents, New
York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Toasters
Less Than Jake
fav CDs>New York Ska Jazz Ensemble
- "Get This", fugazi - repeater, less than
jake - borders and boundaries
website> www.drunkennoodle.com
Name -- Jackie
B-day>June 17, 1985
Location> Bloomfield
Favmest song> Reason
Fav bands> Mest - Blink182 - Creed -
Incubus - New Found Glory
Fav Cd's> Destination Unknown -
Wasting Time - Weathered

Location>West Chester Pa
....Near Philly
fav mest song> Living Dead
fav bands> MEST, Good
Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, Rancid,
Dead Milkmen
your top 3 fav cds-- GC, Destination
Unknown, ...And Out Come The Wolves
website> click here
"you hear this from everyone i bet but
this site definitly rocks! rock on and fuck
what everybody says...ROCK ON!...If
anyone wants to IM me (which i doubt...)
My SN is one3rdofiyp!!!...

NAME>Janelle Osceola
Fav.mest song>Richard Marxism and opinions.
fav.bands>Mest,the ataris,fwiw,deftones,rancid.
fav.cd's>mest(destination unknown)glasseater
(7yearsbadluck)the ataris(blu skies, broken
hearts...next 12 exits.
"i think ur site is really awsome!!!!!And mest
is awsome of course!!!!I hope the pic doesnt
look too bad.the one in the red is me.And
ofcourse u know who the guy is the one and
only joel of g.c. the other girl is my friend.And
keep this site going, I think u did a really good
job on it.Thats all for now.Laters!!!"
name>Jay Howley
B-day> Dec 11
Location> CT
Fav. MEST song> either hotel room or
drawing board
Fav. Bands>:Mest, Staind, Bush, Custom,
Fav. CD's> Staind "Break the Cycle",
Mest"Destination Unknown",
Bush"16 stone"
"This site kicks ass......."

Mess. B> MestUpNFG (also my IM name)
D.o.B> May 2, 1985
Loc> Albany, NY
fav mest songs>Hotel Room, Drawing
Board, Forget You, Yesterday, Another
Day, Chelsea...I could go on...
5 fav bands> Mest, NFG, Good Charlotte,
The Ataris, Goldfinger
3 fav cds> Mest - Wasting Time, Good
Charlotte -S/T, New Found Glory - S/T
website> http://www.thisfeeling.net/lilaa
(check it out)
"You've got the best mest fan site i've seen.
Keep up the awesome work.
Mest fuking rocks. =)"

Name> Jenn
DoB> January 11
Loc> Lakewood Cali
fav mest song> thats tough but i would
have to go with....chelsea and hotel room
and i could go on and on but i would bore
fav bands> Linkin Park, Mest, Ataris, Blink
182, the Doors
fav cds> Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory, Mest-
Destination Unknown, Ataris-End is Forever

"Mest is a very grand band they are
stupendous...umm...words can NOT
describer their greatness....and
Tony is freakin gorgeous..."

Name> Jennifer Theisen
Mess. B> purplemonkeydishwasher
DoB> 12/28/84
Location> Roseville CA
fav mest song> Mother's Prayer
fav bands> Mest, Yellow Card, Rancid,
UnwrittenLaw, Good Charlotte.
fav cds> Mest/Mo Money Mo 40'z, Jimmy
EatWorld/Bleed American, Sugarcult/Start
"I love the crazy guys of Mest. The are to
kind to me. Free shows and free Cloths.
Thanks Guys!!"

Name> Jess
Fav mest song> 'Cadillac' or 'It's over'
fav CD's>Eleven by Sugarcult, Sixteen Stone
by Bush, Good Charlotte (S.T.), Destination
Unknown by mest,and At the Show by MXPX.
fav bands> Good Charlotte, Mest, Sugarcult,
Bush, Calibretto 13
website> SugarcultRocks.cjb.net

Name> Jessica Fery
Mess. B> JeremiahRangel
B-day> 10/24/85
Loc> Portland Oregon
fav mest song> Yesterday
fav bands> Mest, Blink 182, Green Day,
H20, Lit
fav cds> Mest (waisting time) Mest
(destination unknow) blink 182 (dude Ranch)
"mestcrapp.com and absolutemest, u
have a great site i like it alot!
Just wanna say i luv ya to:
Tony,Matt,Jeremiah,and Nick you guys all
rock my world!"

Name> Jessica Cipollini
DoB> March25
Loc> Lakewood California
fav mest song> Electric Baby
fav bands> Mest, New Found Glory, Alkaline
Trio, Good Charlotte, MxPx
fav cds> Mest-Destination Unknown, Welcome
To the Family-Drive Thru Records,New Found
Glory-Nothing Gold Can stay
"love Mest, they are the best band out there,
and they need more fans! your website is
great btw...."

Name> joe camerlengo
D.O.B> 3/20/85
Loc> ohio,
Fav Bands> finch, blink, incubus, and a
buncha others (in no order)
Fav CD's> limp bizkit-3 dolla bill yall,
finch-falling into place, blink 182-mark tom
and travis show, new found glory-self
titled (in no order)
Site> www.ihatefullfrontal.com
kevin who made ihatefullfrontal.com. he is
a pimp. kevin mack is not my biological father
but ill call him my daddy any day :)

Name> Joellyn
M.Board> Joeyheartstuff
D.O.B> 10/13/84
Location: Brew Town!
fav mest song> Lonely Days
fav bands> No Doubt, Mest, Good Charlotte,
The Offspring, Reject All-American
(supportin' my locals!)
fav cds> No Doubt-tragic kingdom,
Mest-wasting time
website> www.amy-rocks.net
"Support your locals! Support
my locals too! Drop a line to
reject_allamerican@hotmail.com for info
on them. Tell them norbert sent you, they'll
be confused. They're awesome & have been
around for a couple of years already. They
opened for The Casualties!! "

Name> Joey Kosar
Mest B.> Elmodale
Loc> Houston
Fac Mest Songs>Change, Drawing Board,
Fav Bands> MEST, New Found Glory, My
Friend Jenny, Blink, Fenix Tx
Fave CD's>Wasting Time, Random Arrival,
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
site> http://www.applesauceonline.cjb.net

Name> John N Smith
Loc>Dallas, TX
D.O.B> Oct. 5, '80
Mess.B> MestCrappHead
Fav Mest Song> Forget You
Fav Bands> 1)Mest 2)New Found Glory 3)Fenix
Tx 4)theMovieLife 5)Good Charlotte

Fav CD's> 1)Mest - Wasting Time 2)New Found
Glory - Nothing Gold Can Stay 3)Blink 182 -
Dude Ranch

"The website is awesome, let me know if you
need any help with collages and stuff, I have
been working with Photoshop here lately, and
I am majoring in graphic design hoping to
design CD covers when I graduate...Keep up
the good work"

Mess. B> Mestup292227
B-day> 11-15-86
Location> New Bratain CT (no punk scene)
fav mest song> Mothers prayer and
drawing board
fav bands> 1.MEST 2.Greenday 3. BLink 182
4.Sugarcult 5MxPx
fav cds ; Mo MOney MO 40z...Destination
Unknown...Wasteing time
website> www.mesthead.cjb.net
"your site is good mine sux but hey whut yah
gonna do"

Name>Josh Sipple
Location> Northglenn Co.
fav song>Drawing board and wasting time
fav bands>1.Mest2.NFG3.Blink-1824.
Good Charlotte5.Goldfinger
fav Cd's.1.Wasting time2.Destination
Unknown3.Mo Money Mo 40's


Name>KaRiNe TanG
DoB> 9.16.85
Loc> Hacienda Heights, CA
[itz in LA county]
fav mest song>Yesterday. Hotel Room. Fuct
Up Kid. Aahh i luv em all!
fav bands> Mest. Good Charlotte. New Found
Glory. Linkin Park. Showoff. Lefty
fav cds> Mest - Destination Unknown. Linkin
Park - Hybrid Theory. Good Charlotte - Good
website> click here
"Great site itz one of the nicest fan sitez ive
seen! Mest Kix Ass! Kant wait to see em in
Feb! :)Nehoo Keep up the good work! L8z!"
Loc>good ole york pa (blah)
Fav mest song>hmm...id say...cadillac or
reason...or fuct up kid
Fav Bands>saves the day, mest, midtown,
gc, nfg, weezer...oo so many more
Fav CD's>mest (duh) destination unknown
...std stay wut u are...weezer
NAME> Katie
Mess. B> MestUpKid123
B-DAY: Jan 23, 85
LOCATION> Arkansas
FAV MEST SONG> They're all good, but
if I had to pick one, it'd be Drawing Board
Fav BANDS> Good Charlotte, Mest, Linkin
Park, Jimmy Eat World, Incubus
FAV CDS> Good Charlotte- S.T., Mest-
Destination Unkown, Linkin Park- Hybrid
"It's a sick site kid! Keep up the good work
and good luck with your band!"

name> Kelly Pauls
mess board>Kel
DoB> 1*6*84
loc> OaK LaWn, IL
fav mest song> richard marxism, wasting
my time, its over, fuct up kid, greyhound bus
fav bands> mest, new found glory, good
charlotte, lucky7, and led zeppelin
fav cds> "nothing gold can stay" new found
glory, "wasting time" mest & Good Charlotte

"mest kicks massive ass!"

Name>Kevin Mack
D.o.B>April 18, '86
Screen Name>ColonelKevin
fav mest song> Richard Marxism
fav bands>mest, the ataris, goldfinger, blink
182, umm and NFG
fav cds> ataris-'end is forever', mest-'wasting
time', blink-'enema of the state'
"this is my website and so is
Keep Checkin Back for more updates. If you
live in Columbus see you at near shows."

Name> khalil sankar

D.O.B> March 7th 1969
Loc> Your moms bed
fav mest song> Richard Marxism
fav bands> Mest, Ataris, Mxpx, Greenday,
fav cds> Ataris "end is forever", Big wig "stay
website: click here
"This is has to be one of the best sites ive
seen for ahwile, thats no joke and its a mest
site mest f*cking rule. Cant wait till Nov 13th!"

Name> Kimmie
messname> PuNkRoCkJoSiE
Loc>Algonquin, IL
DoB>- aug1, 1982
fav mest song> Without you
fav bands> Mest, New Found Glory, Sum 41,
Blink-182, Allister, The movielife
fav cds> New Found Glory- self titled,
Sum41- All Killer No Filler, Mest- Destination
Unknown, Welcome to the Family- Drive thru
Records bands
"Mest Rules! Punk kix ASS!!!!!"

D.O.B>May 25, 1982
Loc>Harrisonburg, VA
fav mest song>Richard Marxism
fav bands> Mest, NFG, Good Charlotte, Blink
182, American HiFi
My Site> Click here

" Awesome web site! Keep up the good work

Name> K-leb Shively
Mess. Board> electric handicapped
DoB> december 13, 1985
Loc> Scottdale, PA (SoWePa inbred
fav mest song> MUCKAFERGUSON, wasting
time, living dead, 3's my
lucky number
fav bands> mest, the ataris, saves the day,
goodcharlotte, the vandals
fav cds> the vandals- hitler bad, vandals good
saves the day- stay what you are
the ramones anthology
"yesterday i bought a wet suit at goodwill.
mest makes me feel good. i named my band
muckaferguson after mest. i tryed making my
hair like tony's, but i failed miserably and these
chicks laffed at me. jokes on them cuz i'm
hung like a horse (shetland pony)."

DoB>June 5, 1987
Loc>Kansas City, MO
Fav Mest song> Reason and the hidden
track on Destination Unknown
fav bands>Blink 182, Mest, Good Charlotte,
U2, New Found Glory, and Sugarcult
fav CDs>Blink 182-Dude Ranch, Good
Charlotte-Self Titled, and Mest-Wasting Time
Website> click here
"Spiffy website!"
Name>Kristen Wilbanks
DoB>Feb. 13, 1986
Loc>Houston Tx
fav Mest song>Yesterday, with out you,
Richard marxism
Fav Bands>Mest, Fenix Tx, Jimmy Eat World,
Staind, & Linkin Park
Fav Cds>Mest (all), Fenix Tx (all), & Linkin Park
website> http://www.geocities.com/akakris213
"MesT RocKs my world! Cant wait till your
here in h-town!!!"

Name: Kristin
Mess. B> MestUpKid1616
DoB> February 16,1989
Location> Chicago, Illinois
fav MEST song>"Lonely Days"
fav bands> MEST, Good Charlotte, New Found
Glory, Sublime, Sugarcult
fav CDs>Destination Unknown, Wasting
Time, A New Found Glory
"Chicago rocks! MEST kicks ass!"

Name> Kyle Santos
Mess B.>thepunk618
D.O.B>june 18, 1982
Loc>Cumberland, RI
Fav Mest Song>the best song is 3'z my lucky
number and fu(k the greyhound bus
(i was always bad at math)
fav bands> -1 MEST -2 Goldfinger -3 Blink 182
-4 Less Than Jake -5 Good Charlotte
fav CDs>1. mest- wasting time
2. goldfinger- goldfinger (mable shes the bomb!)
3. Less Than Jake- Losing Streak
"I dont have a website cuz i'm a fu(king moron
eastcoast skater
MEST rocks my world i drove 8 hours to see
them once but now i get to see them 2 times in
2 months anyone got any kleenex?... wow thats
name> xXLauraXx aka xX LA LA Xx
b-day> 11/19/86
place: orange county california
fav. song> misunderstood & 3s my lucky
number (tie)
fav bands> 1. MEST 2. finch 3. name taken
4.home grown 5. something coporate
fav. cds> mest "mo money, mo 40 oz" 2. name
taken "the silent game" 3.home grown
"act your age"
"jeremiah will always be sexxy, sexxy,
sexxy!to me! you just have the most irresistable
smile and voice!!!!tony has a sexxy voice and
awsome tattoos, especially the STARS!!! i
looove stars, especially the one son the
albums!!! love mest lots..."
<3 xX LA LA Xx <3
Name> Laura
or TiltedExpression@hotmail.com
loc> Southern California
fav mest song: Richard Marxism and Girl for
Fav bands> Mest (duh), Lucky Boys Confusion,
Good Charlotte, Sugarcult, Unwritten Law
fav Cd's> Mo Money Mo 40's, Destination
Unknown, Lucky Boys Confusion

Name> Lindsay Clark
D.o.B>september 4, 1985
Loc> seattle
mess board> sinisterCHAZ
AIM sn: xwarptxpunkx or straightlinerox
fav mest song> drawing board, change,
complusive prep
fav bands> mest, sugarcult, new found glory,
the ataris, linkin park
fav cds> sugarcult-'start static',
mest-'wasting time' and soon to be destination
unknown, and linkin
park-'hybrid theory'
"this site is awesome! the graphics rule and
it is well layed out, very informative. keep up
the good work! mest is the best!"
Name> Loren Ellis
B-day>July 18
Location> Philadelphia,PA
fav mest song> Chelsea
fav bands> the ataris, mest, alkaline trio, social distortion, AFI
fav cds> End is Forever (ataris), Punk in Drublic (nofx), Last of the Sane (Earth Crisis)

Name: Lori
B-day> november 14th 1985
Location> wantagh *long island* new york
fav mest song> drawing board
fav bands> good charlotte, mest, saves the day, ataris, jimmy eat
world, New found glory, silverchair, phish, less than jake, juliana theory, goldfinger, midtown, bouncing souls, green day, dispatch, reel big
fish, sprout, asob, forward, alien ant farm, mxpx and so many more
fav cds> oo this is hard! umm im going to go with mest of course!, good charlotte, andd either jimmy eat world or saves the day
website> click here
Comments: mest is incredible! good charlotte is my all time favorite
band so
naturally when they were playing on long island, i went! and i don't
i've enjoyed an opening band that i didn't know more then i enjoyed
mest played! it was just insane, after i got their cds and just damn,
they're now way up on the top of my list of favorite bands. rock on!
Name> Lynda Reesman
DoB> 7-27-82
Loc>Craphole Of America
your fav mest song - Drawing Board
fav bands> Good Charlotte - Sum 41 -
Spineshank - Hoobastank - Pressure 4-5
your top 3 fav cds - Hoobastank - Pressure
4-5 - Mest

Name> Lisa K. AKA RaGe
D.O.B> 28MAY78
Loc> Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV
fav mest song> "It's Over"
fav bands>MEST, Radiohead, NFG, Good
Charlotte, Blink
fav cds> MEST- Wasting Time, NFG-NFG,
Good Charlotte- Good Charlotte
website> http://www.ragemuzik.com
"Your site kicks ass!!! Visit the best site
on the web. MINE!

Name> Maggie
D.O.B> March 13, 1985
Loc> Columbus, Ohio
fav mest song> Richard Marxism or Greyhound
fav bands> theres so many more..but.... Blink
182,New Found Glory, Mest, Ataris, Good
Charlotte, Midtown, Saves The Day, Finch,
Fenix TX, and i have to represent Full Frontal
and Double S
fav cds> i have alot, but i guess........ Blink
182: Cheshire Cat, New Found Glory:
self titled, Finch:falling into place

"Have to represent: Double S FULL FRONTAL

Name> Mandi
DoB> sept 15
Fav Mest Song>Drawing Board
Fav Bands>Good Charlotte, Mest, Sum 41,
Blink 182, Fuel, Goldfinger
Fav CDs>Good Charlotte, Something like
human - Fuel, Wasting time - Mest
"ive seen Mest and Good Charlotte live when
they came to Wi and they kick ass i got to
give the both bands propes bc they give it all
and they kick ass. n e one who has never
heard of Mest or Good Charlotte are nuts.
Also not may web sites are this good. This
is the best one ive seen around"

Name> Mandie W.
Mess. B> mest girl 013
DoB> June 28, 1983
Location> dallas tx
fav mest song> umm fuct up kid, cadillac,
fuck they greyhound bus,
hotel room, all of them!!
fav bands> mest, good charlotte, link park,
blink 182, unwritten law
fav cds> destination unknown, good
charlotte, linkin park
"mest rocks! i cant wait for them to come
back to dallas! they
are sooo cool and fun to hang with....im
thinkin about gettin a mest
tattoo somewhere..not sure though! PUNK
Name> Matt Kellermann
Message B> Miltn425
DoB> 4/12/83
Loc> La Crosse, WI
Fav Mest Song> Hotel Room, Say So
Long, It's Over, and Slow Motion
(what can i say, they rock)
fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, Less
Than Jake, The Movielife,
fav CDs> Mest - Wasting Time, Less
Than Jake - Hello Rockview, Fenix
Tx - Lechuza
"Mest f*cking kicks ass!!"
Name> Matt!!!
Loc>Jackson, Michigan!
Fav. Mest song> Hotel Room
Fav. Bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, Blink182,
New Found Glory, and MxPx.
Fav. CD's> Mest-Wasting Time, Blink182-mark
tom and travis show, Good Charlotte-self-titled.
"Mest is sooo kick ass!!! I'm definetly goin to
see em when they come to town!! Later!
-matt- sorry girls no pic..."

Name> Marie
Loc> bethpage, long island, NY
fav mest song> so hard to frickin decide!! but
probably drawing board and hotel room
fav bands> Mest, Good Charlotte, NFG, No
Doubt, Linkin Park
3 fav cds> "Tragic Kingdom" - No
Doubt, "Wasting Time" -Mest, "Hybrid Theory"
- Linkin Park
and snowboarding.com
" I met Tony two months ago in
Pittsburgh when they were playing with Good
Charlotte....Tony was the nicest guy ever
...got a picture and everything!!!"

Mess.Board> MestGCNFGSpunkyPunk
DoB> 12/04
Loc> California
Fav Mest Song> Hotel Room, Misunderstood,
Drawing Board, Chelsea, and Living Dead
although all Mest songs are awesome...
Fav Bands>Good Charlotte, NFG, Save Ferris,
Mest, and OLD No Doubt
Fav Cds> oh god i have too many... Mest-
Destination Unknown, Good Charlotte, and
No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom
"Mest and all Punk Bands kick ass! you
guys rocked on 11/23/01 @ Slim's w/ GC
and Lefty! ((when the pic was taken)) and
Jeremiah signed my arm! haha! hes cool..
then my friend gave me her wallet to buy
destination unknown and nick sold me it..
i couldnt see anything so instead of money
i gave him an old receipt haha...that concert
was awesome...anyway... mest is comin
back 2/7/01!"

Name> Megan Armstrong
DoB> June 2nd 1986
Loc> Naptown, IN
fav mest song> Slow Motion, Chelsea,
or Yesterday?
fav bands> GC, Mest, NFG, WF,
fav cds: Good Charlotte- Good
Charlotte, Mest- Wasting Time, Mest-
Destination Unknown
"Mest is soooooooo awesome! And Kev,
i love both of ur sites! You Rock!"

Name> Meghan
Mest board>catchgirly22
Loc> Severn MD
fav Mest songs> slowMotion, Hotel
Room, It's Over, Chelsea, Movin' On,
3's My Lucky Number.
fav bands> The Mad Caddies Catch
22 Blink Mest and The Distorted Penguins
fav CDs>Catch 22 Keasby Nights Mad
Caddies all of them really but if i had to
pick prolly Rock the Plank and Mest
Wasting Time, Blink Dude Ranch and
Grinspoon Guide To Better Living are
all tied Lacking In The Website Department
"i LOVE TONI for telling me about Mest
(actually i love her anyway but this really
does not hurt) if she hadn't have seen them
with Goldfinger and Dynamite Hack
(grr so mad i didn't go!) i wouldn't have know
about them for like a whole nother year!! and
man your website is great! i have some pics
of mest my lovely Toni and i and them live
but i havnt mastered the whole scanner
thing yet..."

Name: Michele M
Message board> FUct UP guRL
DoB> Sept. 14, 1982
Loc> Connecticut
Fav. mest song: This is really hard cause
I love all of them but...Hotel Room, Drawing
Board, With out you
Fav. bands> Good Charlotte, Mest, Rancid,
The Ataris, H2O and list goes on
Fav. cds> Good Charlotte, all of the Mest cds,
"Well, first off. Mest fucking rocks. They're
amazing live. Plus they're so nice. Another
your website rocks.
I like the background...Pretty sweet. Later~"

MIchelle Grabenstetter
Board name> Dark Angel
DoB> November 15, 1979
Loc>Salt Lake City, Utah
Fav Mest SOng>Drawing board, Fuct up kid,
mothers prayer, FUCK the greyhound
Fav Bands>MEST, Unwritten law, Bad religon,
H20,Blink 182
Fav CDs>Destionation Unknown, Wasting time,
Take off your pants and jacket
"MESt rules keep rocking guys and
stay cool!!! =0)"

Name> Mike Morgan
DoB> 12/4/1987
Loc> Long Island, NY (It Sux)
fav mest song> Chelsea, Opinions, and
Fucked Up Kid (Sorry Cant Name Jus One)
fav bands> Anti-Flag, Mest, LTJ, Catch 22,
fav cds: Destination Unknown, Die For Your
Government, Keasby Night
website> www.moan.at/my
"Go To my site its not as kick ass as
yourz but i gotta get people to go to my
band site haha later."

Name> Misti
Loc> spotsylvania virginia
D.O.B> 8-24-86
fav mest song> cadillac
fav bands> good charlotte, showoff, mest,
treble, charger, green day
fav cds> good charlotte, showoff, wide awake

"i love music, punks and cool ass guys"


Name> Nicole
DoB> march 10, 1986
Loc> wisconsin
fav mest song> chelsea, mothers prayer,
without you
fav bands> mest, good charlotte,
movielife, the calling, silverchair, saves the day,
incubus, sugarcult, hoobastank,
default. phew.
fav cds> the calling, silverchair, mest.
how about one more?
"come back to wisconsin!"

Name> Nick
AIM Name> SiCcKkBoYy
Location> Cali
Fav Mest song> How do ya decide? Um..
Cadillac, Yesterday, Wasting Time, Drawing
Board (Live is the BEST), and of
Fav Bands> Good Charlotte, Mest, NFG,
Blink, The Starting Line
Fav CDs> GC's self titled, and both newer
Mest's (i gotta get mmm40s)
"Mest kicks my ass! good stuff, cool dudes."
Name> Nick
DoB> June 22 1985
location> california
fav. mest songs> Hotel Room
bands> new found glory, blink182,
sum-41, slingshot9, MEST
cd> Wasting time

name>*Nikki Cosby*
messboard>*Mest Princess*
DoB>*May 15*
Loc>*Thornton, CO*
Fav Song>*Richard Marxism, 3'z My Lucky
Number, It's Over *
Fav Bands>*MEST, Good Charlotte,
Goldfinger, Lefty, and MxPx*
"*I love MEST and I love them ten times
more live so if you are reading this....

Name> Nina
bday> Oct. 26 , 85
location> MD
Fav Mest Song: yesterday
Fav Bands> GC, Rancid, Mest, Minor
Threat, AFI, etc.
fav cds> gc , destination unknown,
...and out come the wolves
"great site... keep it up"


Name> Porscha Williams
Mess. B> Mestgirl28
DoB> October 28, '86
Location> Dallas, Tx
fav mest song> I can't pick just
one, so i'll say: Cadillac, Hotel Room,
what's the dillio?
fav bands> Good charlotte,
Mest, Staind, Silverchair, Next Exit
fav cds> (just three?!) Good
Charlotte, S/T; Silverchair, Neon
Ballroom; and Mest, Wasting Time
& Destination Unknown
website> click here
"GC and Mest rock my socks..."

Name> Ratana-Linda Ros
Mess. B> OnE SwEeT LiBrA'
DoB> October 17, 1985
Location> Long Beach, California
Fave Mest Songs>"What's the Dillio?",
"Cadillac", "Another Day", "Without You",
"Long Days Long Nights", sorry,
but i like them all!!!
Fave 5 bands> Mest, Good Charlotte,
Linkin Park, Unwritten Law, The Blank
Top 3 Fave CDs> Destination Unknown,
Good Charlotte, Hybrid Theory
"hiya! well...umm....if anyone wants to chat
with me...or get to know me, or whatever
...you can IM me. my screen name is
OnE SwEeT LiBrA. and if you want to
email me, you can email me at
rlindar8503@hotmail.com. well umm....
i don't know what else to say except....
MeST RoCkS!!!!! i think everyone agrees
with me on that one!! hehe....well LaTeR!!
Mad Love,

Name> Robyn
Loc> Chicago(Southwest sub)
fav mest songs> ahhh so many..but I'd
have to say Wasting My Time,
Greyhound Bus, Reasons, Opinions
...man all of them rule!
fav bands> Mest, Eve 6, Finch,
Yellowcard, and Good Charlotte
fav cds> so many to choose, but they'd
be....Mest's Destination Unknown &
Wasting Time and Eve6's fresh album
or Finch's Falling Into Place..damn
website>- sorry I don't, but this one
freaking rawks! :)
" some words of wisdom...right...."You
laugh cuz I'm different - I laugh cuz you're
all the same." "The only bad part about
dreaming is waking up to reality."

Name> Roxy Starr
B-day> August 3rd 1983
Loc>Washington DC
fav mest song> Movin' On, Yesterday,
Cadillac, Reason hehe too many
fav bands> Sorry but I just dont got one..
Mest, Rancid, Good Charlotte,
The Smiths, The Cure and alot of rap too.
fav cds> umm I take mine from online...
website> click here
"yo man i love this site its really
organized very nice...you must be a very
intelligent person..Mest is awesome and
all that good stuff :) umm drink beer
kids...its fun .. "this ones for the ladies"
haha aight IM me on AIM my SN is
blondeSstarr k lata guys"

Name>~*~* Sala*~*~
Board Name> LinkinChick27
DoB> May 27, 1987
Loc> Tulsa, Oklahoma
Favorite Mest Song> Yesterday, Hotel
Room, Greyhound Bus, Forget You (What
can i say i have lots)
Fav Bands> Mest, Linkin Park, New Found
Glory, MxPx, & Blink 182(i like the old stuff
better though)
Fav Cds> 'Hybrid Theory' by Linkin Park,
'Wasting Time' by Mest, 'Mxpx Live' by

Name> samantha sam
B-day> July 19.1987
Location> Chicago(downtown) hometown
of mest BABY
fav mest song> whats the dillio,hotel room,
drawing board,electric baby
fav bands> mest ,good charlotte,blink182,
fav cds> mest-wasting time ,good charlotte,
"one thing i wanna say is "I LOVE U MEST "
this site is f'n cul,if anyone wants to chat IM
me or email me @ StarRancidKitty@aol.com
sweet ttul Oi!!!!"

Name>Sarah (on right)
DOB>April 27, 1984
Location>Marshfield, Ma
Fav Mest Song> Drawing Board, Mother's
Prayer, Long Days Long Nights
Fav Bands> New Found Glory, Rufio,
Mest, Blink 182, Sum 41
Fav Cd's> Wasting Time -Mest, New
Found Glory -NFG, With Hopes Of Starting
Over -TSL
"OOOHHH baby i love jeremiah, hes so
cute..his facial expressions at shows are great"

Name> Saria
DoB> September 26th, 1981
Location> Capitola, CA
fav Mest song> Living Dead
fav bands> Good Charlotte, Mest, Bad
Religion, Orgy, Linkin Park
fav CDs> Good Charlotte, Mest "Destination
Unknown", "Not Another Teen Movie"
website> click here

DoB>09 20 80
fav bands>NFG,MxPx,POD,LINKIN
fav songs>richard marxism,longdays long
night,yesterday,drawing board
"I love MEST.I 'm looking for friends can go
to LIVE with me in NY!!

Name>Sean Smith
Loc>Columbus, Ohio
D.O.B> 7-30-87
Mess.B> TravisJR1821
Fav mest song>Without You
Fav bands> Blink182, Mest, GoodCharlotte,
Goldfinger, Alien Ant Farm
Fav CD's> Blink182- Live AT Mark Tom and
TRavis show, Good Charlotte- selftitled,
Mest- Wasting Time
D.o.B>April 27 1986
Loc>Chicago *(The Home of Mest Baby!!)*
Fav mest song>Compulsive Prep
fav bands>Mest, Blink182, The Movielife,
Alkaline Trio, Lucky Boys Confusion
Fav CDs>Mest-Mo Money, Lucky Boys
Confusion-Throwing the game, and Blink
182-The Mark Tom and Travis Show

Name> Sheryl Beck
message b> dizzysheryl
DoB> 8/14/84
location> b-lo (aka buffalo) ny
fav mest song> "its over" and "change"
fav bands> i gotta variety
mest, unwritten law, good charlotte, no
doubt, and bif naked
top 3 cd's>no doubt tragic kingdom, mest
wasting time, unwritten law selftitled
website> click here
"I have a website for band from b-lo but its
sooo not relevant so skipkick ass site and

Name>steph *stuff*

fav mest song> what's the dillo
fav bands>1. mest 2. good charlotte
3. sunset black ! - a minneapolis
band check them out! 4. new found
glory 5. ben lee
fav cds> 1. Ben Lee - grandpaw would
2. Good charlotte 3. mest destination
website check out >www.sunsetblack.com
"wooo thanks!"
Suzy Konnen
Loc>Hermitage, PA
Fav mest song>Wasting My Time
fav bands>Goldfinger, Vandals, Blink 182,
Pennywise, oh yeah, and Mest
fav CD's>Goldfinger: Hang ups,
Mest: Wasting Time, Pennywise: About Time
"ummm...mest is f*ckin rad."
Name> Sydney Smoke
Board Name> sydney014
B-day> dec.19 1986
Loc>Pittsburgh, PA
Fav Song>Hotel Room
Fav Bands>Mest, Good Charlotte, New Found
Glory, Hoobastank, Saves
the Day, Blink 182
"i'm the one on the far right in the pic"

Name>Taylor Humphrey
MessBoard> LaxHornet54
Loc>Roswell, GA
Fav Song> what's the dillio
Fav Bands>mest, blink 182, good charlotte,
zebrahead, new found glory
Fav Cds>Destination Unknown, Dude Ranch,
Playmate of the Year
wesbite> www.expage.com/taypete

Name>Tim Wrathall
DoB> July 27, 1984
Loc> deltona, FL
fav mest song>slow motion, its over,
compulsive prep, drawing board
fav bands>MEST, Sublime, Blink,
Goldfinger, NFG, Good Charlotte
fav cds>Mest/Wasting Time-
Blink/Cheshire Cat- Greenday/Nimrod
"I have my own band called Goodwill,
umm, Mest kicks ass, I love them, they
are awesome in concert and I hope to see
them again soon...later!!"

name> Tsolik
bday> 12-08-83
loc> somewhere in los angeles
fav mest song> yesterday, richard
marxism, without you
fav bands> mest, good charlotte,
incubus, adema, old no doubt
fav cd's> mest: destination unknown
& wasting time, no doubt: tragic
kingdom, good charlotte: self titled
"awesome site, keep up
the good work. mest rawks!"

Name> Tracy
Mess Board Name> shygirl06
DoB> December 14, 1984
Loc> Southern Cali
Fav Mest song> Wasting My Time
5 bands> 1)MEST 2)Good Charlotte
3)Bouncing Souls 4)Astoria 5) Finch
fav cds> 1) Wasting Time
~MEST 2) Destination Unknown ~MEST
3)Good Charlotte~Good Charlotte
"Mest is just awesome and MEST rawks
me better than any other band could!
MEST RAWKS my socs! hehe"

Name>Tricia Delaney
DoB>november 27, 1984
Loc>granada hills, cali
fav Mest Song>yesterday, electric baby
Fav Bands>MEST, ataris, nfg, fenix tx,
linkin park
Fav Cd's>mest destination unknown,
incubus make yourself, and........weezer
"kid this is an awesome site, i love
coming to it. rock on all you mest fans"

Name> Veronica Skobe
Mess. B> mestupkid1313
DoB> November 7, 1985
Loc> Thornton, Colorado
fav mest songs> To all my homies,
Hotel room, greyhound bus, and
all the other songs they got!
fav bands> MEST, Good Charlotte, the
Ataris, MxPx, and the starting line
fav cds> Destination Unknown, Good
Charlotte, End is Forever (ataris)
This site is f*cking awesome! You got
some great info and pics.
Good job showing the world just
how much MEST fucking rules! And yeah,
umm... Tony, Nick, Matt, and Jeremiah...
if you're reading this, I WANT ALL

Name>Zac Goble
MB board> Punker570( im so original)
B-day> 7-10-87
Loc.> ur ass , ummm Cols ohio
Fav. song> everything but wats the dillio
fav bands> yeah i like tons of bands but
in the last
hour ive listened to Mest,Goldfinger,
Sum41(old shit),
Midtown and New Found Glory
fav cds>well i have like 100 billion of the
things but lets see Mest- wasting Time,
Sum 41- HAlf Hour of Power not that
new shit, sugarcult- start static
"my bands site www.doublesmusic.com
Man this site gets worse everyday so
work on ours moreu fucker haha jk..
yeah anyway keep on truckin!"

*e-mail me*

Mess. Board Name on Mest's site
your fav mest song
your 5 fav bands
your top 3 fav cds
website(if you have one)