Here is where I've got a little bit of hero-worship goin' on.
This part of the page happens to belong to my love, Sylvia Plath, the greatest poet... well, ever.

I've got a bunch of her poetry typed up here, just click on the links to read them.
Or you can think really hard and teleport yourself there if you want. It really doesn't matter to me.

I typed most of this up myself, it being rainy outisde and me being bored. A few were pirated off of here *oh no!* The Walking Man Productions.

Some of my favourites have java applets next to them, because I got really bored and wanted you to have something visual there. They'll be linked in *this colour* as opposed to the regular linking colour.

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Crossing the Water Electra on Azalea Path Lady Lazarus Medusa The Moon and the Yew Tree
Elm Fever 103Tale of A Tub Virgin in a Tree The Eye-Mote
Monolague at 3am Edge MysticSheep in Fog Conversation Among Ruins
Resolve November Graveyard The Great Carbuncle Lorelei Dark Wood, Dark Water